Lefty at the Washout / Press

“It seemed like a long time coming, but now that it's finally here and is as quality as it is climatic, The high quality of songs are maintained to the album's end and closes its curtains to a finish to what can only be described as a standing ovation encouraging an encore!”

“LEFT-LEANING: Most of us are looking for diversions from the economic crisis. Lefty At the Washout, a reggae-and-sunny pier-inspired band, will give you a couple of hours away.”

Otis Taylor - The State

“Columbia-based, six-piece Lefty at The Washout is quickly becoming one of the area's favorite party bands. With its breezy, surf/reggae/rock musical style and soul-stirring melodies.”

Mathew Godbey - The Post and Courier

“New favorites, Lefty at the Washout, are known for their carefree, party-like attitude.”

Merritt McHaffie - 5PointsColumbia.com

“Get ready for Beach Music with a modern twist! You won't be able to stop dancing!”