“LEFT TO ROT - CROWN OF DECEPTION (10 track CD) FORBIDDEN PATH MUSICK New Mexico's LEFT TO ROT are back with their second release to date entitled "CROWN OF DECEPTION". These guys play an old school brutal style of Death Metal music. The music is done with some Grindcore elements mixed in. There is fast paced blasting beats, grinding and shredding guitars and thick low ended Death metal growls. These guys have out done themselves again with this new release. Their last one "BATHE IN BLOOD" crushed on every level and this new release goes beyond that one. There are some different change ups in the song structures with breakdowns, stop n starts and grooves mixed all through out. These guys remind of a lot of the killer Death Metal greats that were coming out in the late 80's and early 90's. Fans of old school Death Metal like CANNIBAL CORPSE, DISINCARNATE, CARNIVORE, HEMDALE, INTERNAL BLEEDING & CARCASS want to snatch this disc up!”

““Down the river you will see, where all the bodies will be. Innocent people washed out clean, so come and join this fine cuisine.” Left to Rot’s “River of Dead Bodies” Fans of old-school death metal driven by modern sensibility with definitely dig Left to Rot’s Crown of Deception. If you are a fan of death metal in New Mexico, then you owe you allegiance to Left to Rot. Raise your fist high when spinning this wretched platter, titled Crown of Deception. By Octavio Ramos ”

“SEVARED RECORDS - "The highly anticipated 2nd full length CD from this fucking awesome band from the USA. Light years beyond their debut, fucking sick brutal fucking death metal, get this now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "Crown of Deception" Out Now!!!!!!!”

“With the raw energy of the guitar riffs, the unstoppable thundering of the drums, the back crunching bass beat and sinister growl from the vocals, is bound to leave broken bodies everywhere. Put them up against the best and they will definitely be at the top of the line-up. And please beware, this band is not for the weak of heart or those who fall and can't get up. If you like death metal, then take it from me, Left To Rot will surely fill the emptiness in your little black heart. The Growl Written by B.Lucero”