Leftmore / Press

"Many folks lament the lack of local music in the Colorado Springs area, but those more attuned to the city's finer cultural scenes know that there are a few spots -and bands- that can fulfill some of the local music needs of even the most interested patrons. For those of you not from the area, or who have never really paid much attention, here's the Scribe's local culture offering of the week: Check out Leftmore, a local, acoustic band."

"I almost walked out the door, but the words of my editor were swimming around my brain: 'Don’t be afraid to try something you’ve never seen before or aren’t familiar with. Discovery is part of the fun.' [...] I’m happy I stayed because next up was Leftmore, a.k.a. Joe Ziegler, definitely the most memorable of the night considering my soft spot for quirky acoustic singer-songwriters (who, incidentally, sounded like early, unpolished versions of Israel Nebeker from Blind Pilot)."

"Leftmore's music blurs the lines between indie, folk and alternative rock, and exhibits a wide range of musical daring, from a traditional bounce to darker narrative arcs to the occasional painful-sounding yell."