Lee Winright / Press

“Lee Winright - flipped the script on the crowd at Reptilez with a country rock sound straight outta Texas. With the addition of electric guitar, bass and drums, Lee's acoustic guitar and brash red dirt vocals got toes tapping and faces smiling. Lou Hobbs, eat your heart out! I first saw Lee Winright one night at a table jam in The Cowboy Capital. He was easy to remember ... belted out a few songs I never heard before: I reckon they were originals Lee is a stylist, carrying on the Texas Music tradition that flourishes in the Hill Country. He loves doing his own songs his own way. The edge in his vocals matches the driving edge in his music. Lee plays a full catalogue of songwriting styles, from his traditional country-flavored original Muddy River (My Personal favorite!) to his rockabilly-sounding Texas Tornado and all points in between (and even to the sides). I asked him which original was his favorite and his reply was, "all of them". ”

Emergenza Fest/ Texas Rising Star