leehowardsmusicaluniverse / Press

“Your Music is like a good Food- just makes me want more!”

“Keep it Fresh, People.”

" listening and discovering lee's music one morning- waking up, having coffee when 'Sunrise' came on. I cried. I shed tears for a good long while that morning.

“lee reminds us; seek beauty- in all you do!”

“Our music is a joyous celebration- a ritualistic jam in the night around the glowing fire!- come dance with us!”

“AfrojamGroovescapes- rocking Dancejampulsations- leehoward's rocking global music: Stir. Mix. Shake!”

"Your music reminded me of a dream I had of flying through a Desert Canyon"

"The Staff loved you guys!"

"And soon we were dancing on the ceiling, laughing, joyous, liberated; what more do you want when seeing live music?"

"If I were the rain, I would want to be in his sky..."

“His new album is fantastic- while others fall away, lee just keeps producing!”

"Come on out and see us sometime- building a scene is fun, espcially with you a part!"

" he is fun to watch live...never a dull moment!. I always enjoy, especially, the other great musicians he's surrounded by."

"love watching lee play- he always brings it to the table. This is an exciting artist to watch. More and more people are finding out about him!"

“Can't wait to see your shining face at one of our many shows coming up! Its always great to see you!”

“We're one of the hardest working bands in the Bay Area. That's gotta count for something! Thanks for all of your support.”

"You guys are fucking amazing"

“We love bringing our vibe to people. All ages are our fans, from strollers to walkers, I've seen everyone get up and take notice in their own way..."”

““My job is to rock steady, To help guide the music to seamlessly flow off the stage, like water, into your heart, through your body across your soul, right down into your shoes, and lift you up off your ass onto the dancefloor...its still all about joy and celebration...dance, friends, dance!” -----leehoward- Solano Headlands, 2010”

“Lee is a very talented composer; generous in his collaborations, and a fantastic bass player. Always interested in seeing what he comes up with next- ”

"Your music takes me on a journey to where I want to go. It transports me to valleys of beauty and peace...thankyou for this wonderful forgiving journey into my own peace and solitude..."

“Lee and his music has actually gotten us to go out again. He plays clubs, festivals, wineries- high end posh environments, where my husband and I can get out of the house, meet up with friends, relax listen or dance to the interesting selection of music leehowardsmusicaluniverse plays- always surprises us!”

" a voice in the wilderness."

"...lee never fails to deliver!"