SWAN SONG - Led Zeppelin Tribute / Press

"Swan Song, formed in 1999, doesn’t replicate the look of Led Zeppelin as much as they pay tribute to the vibe. Zeppelin, at its best, was mysterious and epic. Those are pretty lofty words to apply to a cover band, but Swan Song sound great at replicating the musicianship that made Led Zeppelin such a powerhouse rock band."

"Swan Song is the best. And I'm not talking about the music, which is great, too. They are the best because they are friendly, good people; they do not abuse the free drinks, they don't take a break, and they draw a big crowd. I wish I could say all that about more bands."

"Robert Plant won't do the Led Zeppelin tour? Just get SWAN SONG to do it!"

"Matched with stage persona and instrumental mastery, Swan Song always delivers a rampaging revival of the Led Zeppelin classics. The guitarist's reverence of the Jimmy Page roots offers savage satisfaction coupled with the bassist's distinct plucks on Bass that resounds perfection. Add to this dynamic duo the singer and his sexy emulations of Robert Plant and vocal brilliance, and topped off with the drummer's slick and steady drumming, Swan Song doesn't just tributize Led Zeppelin, they transcend it."

North Texas Music Exchange

"The Best Led Zeppelin Tribute Band in America!"