Led to the Grave / Press

“Bare-knuckled attack of heavy death thrash that leaves your ear drums bleeding from the pounding”

Nocturnal Cult

"Wild, unbridled, and chaotically brutal"

Pest Webzine

"Bare-knuckled attack of heavy death thrash"

Nocturnal Cult Zine

"No more no less but truly sick and destructive music, called thrash metal. Hurricane guitar riffs, many tempo-changes and beastly vocals"

AntiChrist Zine

"Sent to Burn has some phenomenal material on it that Thrash enthusiasts will love"

Apochs Metal Review

"The bottom line is, if you're looking for something simple, old school and to the point, check these guys out."

The Metal Crypt

"A well crafted four piece from the MA area."

Jim - The Open G-String

"You get exactly what you deserve from a band called Led to the Grave. No false advertising. No punches pulled."

Tim Emswiler - The Noise