Lecherous Nocturne / Press

“Lecherous Nocturne is proud to announce our official signing with Willowtip Records. We are excited to join this roster and eager to continue spreading our brand of metal upon the masses.”

“I saw Lecherous Nocturne earlier this year in Seattle, opening for a tour headlined by Rotting Christ. Before then, they were another band whose name I’d heard in the context of favorable comments, but hadn’t gotten around to hearing their music. Their live set was decimating — tight, fast, and technical, and charged with the passion of unmitigated fury. I vowed to buy their latest album, but something happened to distract me when I got home. I think it was a moth circling the porch light. Or maybe a pool of cat throwup that I stepped in. (Note to self: VOMIT IS METAL VOMIT IS METAL VOMIT IS METAL.) Anyway, I forgot to do it. But thanks again to TheMadIsraeli, I got a link to the band’s video for a song called “Just War Theory”, which is the opening track from the last Lecherous Nocturne album, The Age of Miracles Has Passed (2008). Holy hells, is it a head-wrecker. Brutal, atonal tech-death in the vein of Hate Eternal and Origin.”

“The South Carolina quintet's brand of death metal relies on two basic things. One is blastbeats. Those are good. Really good. Mostly straightforward, but then abruptly changing direction when you least expect it. The other thing are the guitars, and here things get more complicated. The two guitarists switch between low-tuned massacre and furious, high-speed blackened licks at the upper part of the fretboard without any sense of purpose, and with so much apparent randomness that it's hard to believe they were actually composed. Since there are two guitarists playing the same thing, they obviously are a product of meticulous songwriting and memorizing, but how and why they chose to place them this way is a mystery.”

“Surpassing its predecessor in power, brutality and mastery, The Age of Miracles definitively hits Lecherous Nocturne among the most dangerous current death metal bands, standing directly in the bosom of his brothers of Hate Eternal, Nile & Origin, confirming the excellence of his label Unique Leader, and of this terrible year 2008.”

“The HOB was already packed when I arrived just in time to catch the second half of the opening act, Lecherous Nocturne, a death metal quintet from South Carolina. Although I only have a passing familiarity with Lecherous Nocturne, I enjoyed their set, as did the rest of the HOB crowd. Mostly presenting a series of all out blasts, Lecherous Nocturne were able to suitably get the crowd revved up for the upcoming major acts on the bill. Good stuff.”

“Lecherous Nocturne combines grinding riffs, blistering drums, and ferocious vocals to deliver a scathing firestorm of blackened death metal. Technical yet coherent songwriting and relentless intensity make "The Age of Miracles Has Passed" a must-have for fans of innovative extreme metal.”

“a majority of the material is sheer venom as the likes of opener “Just War Theory”, “We Are the Dust”, “Edict of Worms” and the Vader-ish hues of “Requiem For the Insects” which show a vicious if familiar assault, all armed with a tight production.”

“Folks, this record (unlike its reviewer) does not fuck around. Period. In the scant 24-minutes that is Adoration of the Blade, you will not find a single ‘mood-enhancing’ sample, no lilting acoustical interludes, and nary a single solo to break up the never-ending barrage of mangling riffs (shitloads of riffs), pummeling drums, and monstrously malign vocals.”