Lebeha Drummers / Press

“What's particularly striking about this title is its aural affinity with now-classic Garifuna field recordings made by Ruth Stone in the early 1950s, and by Carol and Travis Jenkins in the early 1980s. This is an impressionistic judgment rather than a technical ethnomusicological appraisal, but the sparse instrumentation (a trio of Garifuna garaón drums backed by shakers and turtle-shell percussion), choral singing, call-and-response format and free-form dancing represent the tradition in its most unadorned yet compelling community manifestation. This is not commercially oriented performance, but an enduring form of communal entertainment with African and Amerindian roots that that pre-date the European incursion into the Caribbean.”

Michael Stone - Rootsworld

“Many contemporary Garifuna musicians, including greats like Andy Palacio and Aurelio Martinez, bring guitar and other melodic instruments into the picture, but this disc boils it down to the essence. A group of Garifuna lads all under 15 years old let it rip on hand drums, turtle shells, shakers, assorted knick-knacks and vocals. The recording is raw and unpolished, the sound is brimming with youthful muscle reminiscent of early Olatunji and the effect upon listening is one of pure unpretentious pleasure. These kids have got it going on.”

Tom Orr - Globalrhythm