Leah Marr / Press

“Her music can perhaps best be described as deep soulful Southern rock Marr's voice radiates power. Think of a powerful & versatile leading female voice & emotional rocking guitar solos woven around you. Music that radio loves to play .Marr shines in her performance from a high degree of a Pro. The title track "Truth Shall Set You Free" is an instant hit. No doubt, this song will explode. This also applies to fine rock pieces as "Deep Down Inside" and "Your Everything" a band like this effortlessly will bring you to your knees in concert. Marr's voice sings passion, seductive & powerful. always leaves longing unforgotten impression. "Missing You" as well, soulful "Lay Me Down ', both belonging to the somewhat slower songs on this album. 'Remember All The People "is dedicated to the victims of 9/11 and it also is nice end of this CD. In summary I can say that 'Truth' is an incredible album from a talented singer/songwriter,dynamic performer.”

“Featured Photograph: Leah Marr Band- The Grotto- If a genie in a bottle granted me three wishes, one wish would be that entrepreneurs Don Day and Rick Wells would open a laid-back, sophisticated music venue on the Square. Poof! Thank you, genie! The Grotto exudes understated elegance but with zero pretense. While you feel the refined electric charge in the air, you don’t hoot and holler any longer; you applaud. You love music and creative cocktails, and you appreciate being able to enjoy them in one location. Day and Wells have read our minds. Live music was the missing piece at the Square and they solved it. Featuring the best North Texas musicians playing classic and alternative rock, Downstairs walls at The Grotto are covered with original portraiture of rock-and-roll royalty. Upstairs features a great view of the band, comfortable seating and the feel of a funky turn-of-the-century New Orleans barrelhouse on its best behavior”

“Simple Amazing The CD itself is amazing! If you ever get a chance to catch her perform live, do not miss it!! This woman sings from her soul with amazing beauty! Read more... ”

“WOW! Leah's the real deal! Such passion and emotion is lacking in today's music... ”

“Missing this music while it is not on... A great Rock Music album. Best "Missing You". Shades of the super Dale Krantz (Rossington Collins). ”

“Acoustic Cover Hero Seen her live and Leah is OUTSTANDING! Great video and great song! ”

“TRUTH Fell in LOVE with Leah's music the first time I heard her. I am a HUGE fan now and notice I am NOT the only follower...Leah has a voice that is uniquely her own. She is one of those artists you hear and you can say without a doubt, "HEY, that's Leah Marr". Her voice is incredible and Truth is a wonderful CD, have to tell you also, if you EVER get to see her & the band live......WOW! JUST TOTAL ENTERTAINMENT! You will LOVE her CD! Best of Luck To You Leah & The Band!! Jenni ”

“WOW! This artist's vocals are amazing! She is a profound talent! I can't wait to see her live! She's got something here, that's for sure! Christine M. ”

“I just happened to catch Leah while waiting to see someone else. To my surprise...she STOLE the show from the one I went to see. I have tried to see her live whenever I can. The CD is my favorite. It's a perfect mix of rock and soul and her voice just hooks you! Seeing her live is the BEST! I've seen alot of live shows and she really knows how to engage the crowd and keep you mesmerized with her stage presence!”

“Truth I saw her once and was hooked. This cd rocks but seeing her perform live is the best. She is a ball of energy that moves the crowd and keeps them engaged in the music. Her voice is amazing but her energy on stage is a knock out.”