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“Charlie Burgess celebrates birthday by releasing a single”

“Canada D'eh Entertainment Unveiled”

“We've heard a lot about you that last couple of years. We've had folks say you know, we need to get this guy on the radio. I've got to commend you because in the local music and indie scene, there's lots of naysayers who just like saying no and shutting doors. Specificity and probably in your music genre.”

“@ChuckBakaLC – Best In The City”

“And then, a bit of a change for us here in Wallaceburg, but a huge Wallaceburg welcome to Charlie Burgess. Charlie (AKA L.C.) is an upcoming singer, rapper, song writer, and performer and hails from Chatham. Charlie has made a push in his music career creating many online music videos and releasing a large amount of free music for his fans. Earlier this year Charlie released his debut Album “Best in the City” which is on iTunes and more. I cannot get over the fact that some of his Youtube videos have between 10,000 and 20,000 hits”

“Over the past four years Charlie has built an online fan base worldwide using social media websites and releasing 10 free downloadable mixtapes for his fans. The new album will include 21 tunes!”

“Chatham rapper Charlie Burgess (aka L.C.) will debut his album Best in the City at a show on Friday, Jan. 27 at the KBD Club in Chatham”

“Singing has always been a passion for Burgess, who was born in London but raised in Chatham. A graduate of John McGregor Secondary School, he said he sang in church choirs at a young age and his songs provide an outlet for self-expression. "I get it out there and it makes me feel better," said Burgess.”

“Burgess performed in TVCogeco's "Step Up To The Mic" even during Canada D'Eh at Tecumseh Park.”

“Charlie Burgess of Chatham just released his first single “Swag” from his debut album!”

“Back at it again, Charlie Burgess releases his brand new free mixtape “Adrenaline Rush” for promotional use only. This is his 3rd mixtape this year and 7th mixtape in 10 months”

“A new favorite actually coming right up for you right here, A good buddy of mine, this is a Playasville Production coming up right now featuring Charlie Burgess & Marylynda. The song is called Come back its off their brand new mixtape called Liberation. With out further a due where here to listen to some solid music so lets get it started with come back”

“IamJoJo recently interviewed a Canadian rapper known by the name of Charlie Burgess. Charlie grew up in a small town in Ontario Canada. He fell in love with music at a young age. When high school came to an end, Charlie used it as an opportunity to pursue a career in the music industry. The journey started with demo recording sessions. These were quickly followed by local performances. By 2009, Charlie had recorded and released his first mixtape. IamJoJo caught up with Charlie to discuss his second mixtape Liberation and to hear about his future plans.”

“July 1st Brings A Full Day of Fun!”