Lazarus Casket / Press

“Cheers to Susan at By the Barricade for interviewing us last weekend at The Slidebar Rock N Roll Kitchen in Fullerton. Check out the article below! http://www.bythebarricade.com/lazarus-casket-interview/”

“Last weeks The Razor KXRZ "Monster Metal" show live from Rumpshaker Fest features Lazarus Casket, Witchaven and Temple of Dagon! Check out the LAZARUS CASKET interview, a couple of our songs and all the latest going with us in the audio clip below: http://www.mixcloud.com/andyford18/monster-metal-live-from-rumpshaker-2-fest-at-the-poor-kids-mansion/”

“From Locals to Legends in the music world, ROCKwell UnScene covers them all. No band is too big or too small, but only bands that we cover make our magazine. It is also our philosophy that talent is not specific to any particular music genre. You will find only two common threads in the bands/artists we cover when it comes to genre. First Talent, and second Rock 'n Roll Roots. From Classic Rock to Brutal Death Core Metal and from Punk to Rockabilly, if the band has talent we recognize it and share it with you.”

"Extreme metallers Lazarus Casket have released their lyric video for ‘Your Demise’ which can be seen below. They will be releasing an EP mini-album later this year. Sorry, I just refuse to use that “EP” term when describing digital or CD releases…and this is why."

"Lazarus Casket: the best way to describe this band is brutal metal. The band is: Jason Tyler - vocals, Gabe - guitars, Aaron Miller - guitars, David Johnson - bass, and Tyrell Williamson (Whitey) - drums. This Long Beach band fits in the Death Metal/Experimental spectrum of the Metal genre. Lazarus Casket took the stage with brutal force, as always with hard drums, and Jason Tyler's pure metal growl on lead vocals. This band was a metal fans dream. I suggest them to all my hard core, brutal, (I know I said that but that sums them up) fans."

"Lazarus Casket is Metal to the core. I would describe them as Death Metal/Experimental/Metal. This band is hard, hard, hard and if that is your taste this is your band. This band has elements of Testament and other great Thrash/Metal bands in their sound. A new addition to this band is lead vocalist Jason Tyler. I have to say good choice; he brings a hard, death metal delivery and style that fits the band. If your a Metal fan this is a band worthy of your time and hard earned money."