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"It was hard because I was kind of shy about it," he said. "It was hard for me to talk to people. I started in high school, doing tricks for kids on my wrestling team, kids in school, and eventually it helped me build self-confidence to ask people on the street, and I kept building confidence and kept going from there." Now, Benson walks up to people on the street, blindfolded, and begins loudly describing to them the clothes they're wearing that day and the objects and colors surrounding them - just another of his tricks. He's at his best when performing. "I love to entertain people, so that's what really drew me to this," he said. "Any emotion, whether it's crying or being angry, that's what drew me into it. It's emotion-based."

“ "You're talking the 'Pursuit of Happyness' right here," said an ecstatic Ashley Bright just after the announcement at a legislative breakfast. Bright is the chief professional officer at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming, where Benson has been going on a regular basis since he was 6. Benson, while more reserved, was just as thrilled. "This is a huge thing. It's a great accomplishment to know that I'm representing Wyoming and the youth because I want those youth to look up to me."”

“This summer Lazarus may bury himself alive in six ft of dirt. If this is the case he will be shacked and the box will be nailed shut. He will have more news further down the road. Thank you fans, Lazarus Benson.”