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“Layne Harper featured as Top Artist on AT&T U-Verse alongside Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez and other big names!”

“Layne Harper is a multi-talented artist who I had the fortune to discover via Twitter. Layne, who has lived in so many different places from Brooklyn to Germany, has had music in his roots since the tender age of five. Now, twenty five years later, he is ready to take the spotlight as a hip hop star in the world. Today he and I sat down for an interview where I got to know him as more than an artist, but as a father, man and above all, dynamic talent. -Ryan Shea”

"Layne Harper is a Memphis-born rapper who recently secured a record deal with the legendary, Def Jam, record label. Big things are expected from Layne this year, and he took time out to talk to NewBeatsMedia about: his hopes for 2011, what it is like to have had tracks produced by Kanye West and Q-tip, how he will accomplish any goal he sets himself, plus what inspired his latest track, Café Con Leche."

"Not entirely sure who Layne Harper is yet, but with production cosigns from Q-Tip and now Kanye West, he's headed somewhere."

"Congrats to DJ Jemaine (Fear Factor Music Group) for producing Layne Harper's first single off his Def Jam digitally distributed album "HATE is the new LOVE". Layne Harper is a rapper from Memphis, TN."

"This aggressive track by Layne Harper, produced by Lex Luger makes you want to go straight to the gym... to blow off steam after a long week!"

"This deep into the blog-olution, we all know that what sets apart a worthwhile site from every other page full of Inter-crap is a really good curator to separate the wheat from the chaff. One of our favorite curators in town at this very moment is D'llisha Davis from hip-hop blog 2Lsonacloud.com, and we are more than a little stoked that she's bringing her unique vision into the clubs — it basically guarantees a great night out. Featuring both local and regional acts — including Island/Def Jam Recordings artist Layne Harper, Memphis' Skewby, New Orleans retro lady-duo Plane Jane and our very own Classic Williams, Stix Izza and Sam & Tre — plus a boatload of local fashion folks and media types, Birth of the Originals has all the makings of a dope evening out on the town. And when they throw in a good cause — they'll be taking donations for a young girl recently diagnosed with cancer — you just can't argue with this stroke of curatorial goodness.

"As 2010 comes to a close, the industry starts to look for new names to add to their 2011 “Who To Watch” list. Get ready to add one more name to that list, Layne Harper. The Memphis-born and Germany/NYC-raised emcee has built a buzz for himself in the underground for his witty wordplay and charismatic style. Growing up with Hip-Hop in his blood lines, Layne had no choice but to pursue Rap as a career. With his new mixtape, Hate Is The New Love, dropping soon, the rest of the world will soon be learning the name Lyne Harper. With production by Q-Tip, Kanye West, Lex Lugar and Boi-1-da to name a few, you can be sure that Layne Harper will be on everyone’s radar soon. Yo! Raps caught with Layne to discuss how he got into Hip-Hop, his music and what he would tell other up-n-coming artists trying to make their way through the game."

"Layne Harper starts the new year off with his promised mixtape, Layne Harper vs. The World."

"Some months ago we brought you the Q-Tip produced “City Lights” from upcoming rapper Layne Harper. Bringing some more refreshing sounds for the new year, the Tennessee rapper’s video for his new track ‘Cafe Con Leche’ is a shaky, abstract offering but offers a pleasing alternative to the chiched visuals still plaguing our screens. With this lush, ambient cut from his album HATE Is The New LOVE, Harper is an exciting prospect who is a definite ‘one to watch’ for 2011."

" In this explosive, yet inspirational, interview - he tells The Wrap Up why he made the decision to sever his ties. Plus, he tells us his hopes for 2011, the inspiration behind his latest track, ‘Good Ol’ Days’, and much more…"

"I've been following an artist from the U.S who goes by the name of Layne Harper for a while now. After downloading his mixtapes and doing a little bit of research I became a very big fan of his and found myself tweeting about him every minute. Who would've known that one day that i'd get to interview him? He's been featured on The Source, New Beats Media, My second home Hip-Hop Isn't Dead, Vibe, MTV, XXL and now right here on Music and Madness! Starting off in music from the age of five, working with Kanye West and Q-Tip and now signed to Island/Def Jam Recordings, I got to ask Mr Harper a few questions..."

"The Break Presents: Layne Harper This Memphis, TN wordsmith is prepping to release his upcoming LOVE is the new HATE next week, to be digitally distributed by Island/Def Jam Recordings…"