Layah Jane / Press

"...Funky jazz reggae conscious something to say folk pop that enters your ear like cotton candy melts on your tongue."

Mike Grutka - Northeast In Tune Magazine

“This Toronto-based singer with an angelic voice was another artist to make an impact at the conference. Touted by WFUV's John Platt as a must-see, she backed up all advance buildup with killer sets in every showcase (including the impromptu afternoon set in our hotel room for about a half-dozen people). With a breathy delivery, she fuels fantasies as she sings: "I want to love you with the light on / So I can see your face." Acoustic pop doesn't get much better than this. We're looking forward to her live appearances in our area.”

“This 24-year-old Canadian songstress walks the folk side of the street. Layah Jane is folk in that her music tends to be acoustically rooted and politically charged. The jazz aspect sneaks in with her phasing and structure. She’s not a jazz musician per se, but neither was Rickie Lee Jones or Joni Mitchell. And both those grand dames pushed --- and still pushed whenever classifications and parameters loomed. Short answer: Layah Jane is beautiful music. You’re gonna like her.”

April 2007 - Rochester City Newspaper

“Toronto's award-winning singer/songwriter/guitarist Layah Jane is a spine-chilling talent who is showing off her sophomore disc at Hugh's Room. Brightness and Bravery evokes Rickie Lee Jones and Norah Jones with intensely intimate tunes that meld pop, folk, reggae, soul and jazz. "These are songs that come from the experience of persevering through darkness - both personal and societal - to discover light," the 25-year-old says. A beautiful voice and something to say, can't beat that.”

Ashante Infantry - The Toronto Star

“I know I keep saying this but besides oil and lumber, this country is one of the world's leading suppliers of gifted and poetic singer-songwriters. Case in point: Toronto's own Layah Jane, whose organic soulful sound is reminiscent of Joni Mitchell, and Ricki Lee Jones. Her clever lyrics, ranging from the personal to the outright political, are the perfect showcases for her great voice with its breathy, jazz-tinged feel. On "Brightness & Bravery", her sophomore CD, her acoustic guitar is supported by session players who've worked with the rank of names - Bruce Cockburn, Ron Sexsmith, Jann Arden, Leslie Feist - Layah Jane is well on her way to joining. ”

Ann Lough - LCBO "Food & Drink" Magazine

“Inspired by folk greats like Joni Mitchell and Rickie Lee Jones, Toronto's Layah Jane blends acoustic poetry with pop and electronic production like Imogen Heap's. She's seen numerous awards in her hometown and recent TV exposure, so check her out while she's on the rise! This young Toronto songstress weaves intricate vocals in and out of beautiful acoustic guitar flourishes. Seeded in the roots of folk rock, Layah Jane's sound adds a little more pop to the wholesome words of poetic chants like those of Joni Mitchell and Rickie Lee Jones. Jane is backed by Oliver Johnson on her sophomore album Brightness & Bravery, who adds hearty vocals and electric and baritone guitars, in addition to being general producer on the album. She is also supported by a cohort of fellow Canadian musicians, and her mellow, articulate style warms right down to the core.”