The Lawn Darts / Press

“Listening to The Lawn Darts’ new album, “Still Hitting the Mark,” it’s easy to tell that these long-timers wear their instruments and musicality like comfortable old tennies (the ones from high school that still fit great after so many years). Even the album’s title, “Still Hitting the Mark,” bespeaks a group of guys who have been doing this for a long time.”

“...much to enjoy with The Lawn Darts latest album, “Still Hitting the Mark,” which offers talent and variety in equal measure. Perhaps most importantly, the lyrics from this rock band out of Southern Utah offer genuine depth and inspiration. Songs such as “Into the Light,” “The Prayers I Say,” and “Stand on Higher Ground” inspire integrity and virtue, “Protect and Serve” honors the good people in law enforcement, and “This is the One” tenderly reflects on the type of love that lasts forever.”

“The best thing about this band is all the songs on their album,“Still Hitting the Mark,” don’t sound the same. Each song has its own unique sound and kept me captivated as to what would play next. The album starts with lively, upbeat songs and then changes to a slower and quieter mood... ...While all the songs were good to listen to, my favorite was “The Prayers I Say.” The lyrics are uplifting and are about seeing the very best in people, no matter how small it might be. The way the music and lyrics blend together gave me goose bumps.”

“The Lawn Darts are mainstays of the Southern Utah music scene and the their latest album, “Still Hitting the Mark,” makes a case for the band’s endurance. It’s full of the same kind of all-American, feel-good rock ‘n’ roll you can find on the 1980s albums by the likes of John Mellencamp, yet it’s not dated as much as it is nostalgic. A few of the tracks like “The Prayers I Say” have a slight contemporary country vibe while others are all-out rockers. Travis Brown is a solid vocalist, clearly delivering the band’s everyman Americana tales but gaining an edge for the rocker “Swinging For The Fence,” which also benefits greatly from Steve Gustaveson’s rollicking beats and Jeff Tuscano’s throbbing bass. Lisle Crowley’s acoustic guitar is often intricately beautiful while his flashy electric riffs have a searing Van Halen-like quality...”