Lavender Lucy / Press

“Lavender Lucy is a talented and fun new band on the Seattle scene. Bluegrass Americana with a few yeehaws mixed in.”

“Seattle-based quartet, Lavender Lucy, consisting of multi-instrumentalist and vocalists Chonie Vargas, Laura Robinson, Reese Tanimura and bassist Karen Dykes, strings together a cross-genre sound on their new self-titled EP that is aptly named "queer urban bluegrass". There is nothing that this band is not willing to throw together and somehow it works out on every track. Each member of Lavender Lucy contributes to the unique ambience of each song. Most 5-song EPs tend to be one-dimensional and lack variety, but the Lavender Lucy EP shows the band's versatility and creativity. Each track is distinct and shows Lavender Lucy's lively personalities while maintaining continuity throughout the record. Look for them to make a name for themselves in the Seattle music scene soon.”