Lavatory / Press

“Step aside for Lavatory- a three piece act hailing from Malysia (East Asia). In retrospect, Malaysia's spawned a good deal of bands such as Beast, Petrify, Storming Steels, Hellwitch, Omission, Revenge and Dunkel Reiter, to name a few. Oh well, Lavatory is no exception in terms of how classic death metal should be played! It's opening track (Transgression, intro) takes the listener for a wade through a somber and gloomy aerial tunnel which is suddenly possessed by their hellish music, followed up by Ke Darah's ruthless and anguished vocals. The guitar work is well executed, very similar in it's intricacy to the Swedish act, Incinerator, their "Thrash Attack" album- an old, good release. On occasion, titles of the tracks get along really well with the music itself being played and it's the case for this release; and it's great at 18:48 minutes long! This is a highly recommended c.d.! Horns up! Review by Oscar Sanchez Sinaloa #815 norte, Cajeme y Bule, Obregon Sonora 85010 Mexico”

Oscar Sanchez - paper and pen