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Laurie Biagini / Press

“Summer means fun isn't only a surfing song by Bruce And Terry, for the past summers this also has meant a new album from Laurie Biagini. Fans of '60s pop-rock will like her Sanctuary Of Sound.”

“I really dig Laurie's single 'Castle of Sand'...I look forward to spinning the rest of the album soon. She has captured so well the feel and vibe that we all remember so fondly. Great job Laurie.”

“Laurie Biagini - the real groover from Vancouver!”

“it wouldn't be a stretch to call Laurie the next generation of The Honeys… for fans of Sunshine pop and Surf pop it's the perfect wave!”

“The world is a happier place when one of Laurie's songs plays.”

Seth Swirsky - (songwriter/singer, producer, author, filmmaker)

“...when you hear the craftsmanship in the songs, you’d swear Biagini grew up on Venice Beach and spends her days, the breeze whipping through her hair, riding the Pacific Coast Highway in her car...Biagini has a sweet pure pop vocal delivery somewhere between Karen Carpenter and Susan Jacks which fits effortlessly with the early-60’s Spectorish girl group motifs... I’d say they don’t make albums like this anymore, but Biagini does.”

“Love your Surf and Sun drenched pop, it takes me to " A Far Out Place"! Feel-good pop doesn't get much better!”

Sean Hutton - Raquel's Boys

“I really love your songs if you didn’t know. Very simple and beautiful. They sound effortless. That is a very special quality I hope never goes away”

Nelson Bragg - solo artist, songwriter, producer, musician, Brian Wilson Band (and many others)

“Man, this is catchy stuff, and that's no easy feat to pull off these days. Pure pop, feel-good, singalong, but with some real musical depth (those years of classical training paid off - you really know how to put chords together, and the harmonies have some real meat to them). I like this. A lot. ”

Alan Boyd - (producer/musician/archivist/filmmaker)

“Laurie is THE Queen of Retro Surf, and her music is the most requested on both of my TRM Radio shows! Laurie's music is upbeat, textured, melodic, and just plain fun! All Hail Queen Laurie!”

“For Laurie Biagini, it is the sixties mostly, and the sand and surf scene. It is surf and sand and girl groups and California, though she lives in Vancouver B.C. It is up sunshine pop and Beach Boy harmonies and innocence. I remember diving into the surf with A Far-Out Place and wondering what she was doing in the Pac Northwest. This kind of stuff needs sunshine! Three albums in and she’s doin’ fine— she even updated the 409 to SUV status!”

“ok, ok...through the years I've had the pleasure of meeting and knowing many famous bands & record industry people....most are so........flaky at best.....wannabees....retro freaks, etc......But this girl is the REAL DEAL......I wish I lived closer to Canada. ”

“CD OF THE WEEK: Those who liked A Far Out Place will love Laurie Biagini's new A Go-Go Girl In A Modern World. As can be concluded from the LP title, Biagini doesn't feel like she belongs in this time. Her music is unapologetic in its '60s roots. She is developing her own style, still borrowing from girl groups of the '60s, the Beach Boys, British Invasion rock and sunshine pop in general, but seeming to have more fun when she applies those influences to modern topics such as the SkyTrain and the SUV.”

“Biagini's uncanny vocal invocation of the late great Karen Carpenter and Mama Cass, definitely brings in a different twist ..over the course of this wonderful album... a seamless heady stream of sunshine pop extacy”

“If you’ve ever wondered what the Beach Boys circa 1965 might sound like with a female lead vocalist (assuming you’ve never heard The Honeys) and piano-based arrangements, Canada’s Laurie Biagini is here to clue you in on her new disc...anyone who bucks the current musical trends and writes, performs and self-releases music such as this that obviously means a lot to her is to be commended.”

“once again she is a one woman version of The Honeys. Laurie stays retro here, with a clear 60′s Beach Boys influence, multi-tracked vocals and Phil Spector production values...if you want to return to those innocent days of AM radio pop, close your eyes and let Laurie take you back.”

“A Go-Go Girl In A Modern World is a clear progression from the first two albums, with a clear step-up in variety and production quality...the most important thing is the songs. Laurie has consistently hearkened back to a more innocent time in her music, and this continues with a wider palate of styles...”

“The Laurie Biagini sound is swirling with fresh happiness! The appealing sound arrangements and multi-layered vocals are all-encompassing. You're an outstanding multi-talented artist and a strong representative of current sunshine pop. Extremely impressive songs, thanks Laurie!”

Klaatubes - YouTube

“2010:Picking Top-10 albums from 'CDs of the Week': Laurie Biagini: A Far-Out Place (April 13)- Biagini effortlessly recreates a sunny pop-rock reminiscent of The Turtles, Hollies, Searchers, Beach boys and a horde of other '60s-era Groups. Pickin' up good vibrations.”

“This is the best surf music I have ever heard besides the original Beach Boys. This girl ever sounds better than the super female trio called the Honeys from 1963/64. Wonderful vocal harmony arrangements on all of her songs and especially on this CD there's not one minor song. They're all mostly fast rockin' surf songs all written by herself. An absolute must for those who loved and still like the Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, the Ripchords etc sound. It's 100% genuine!!..”

“What a perfect CD to arrive in my mailbox on a cold and rainy winters day! I opened the package and a ray of sunshine beamed throughout the room - once the CD was in the player, it turned into a rainbow of delightful colors filling the room with the warmth of the sun and good vibrations! Laurie once again moves from strength to strength and this is her best release to date in my opinion, it oozes sincerity (check out the gracious "The Heart Of The Song") and is held together by a cool go-go theme. Actually, the whole album flows like one of those great beach movies from the sixties - the soundtrack is here waiting for you, Hollywood, and you'd better cast Laurie in the lead role! I can imagine the scene where Laurie sings "An Innocent Love" on a deserted beach like a modern day Annette Funicello....”

“More catchy songs with finely crafted chord structures, plenty of hooks and a magnificent production job from the Brian Wilson / Phil Spector school. This is especially impressive due to the fact that Laurie is a self taught musician. Her vocals are warm and sunny and her harmonies and harmony counterpoint parts sound great and are well devised. The lyrics are a little more introspective this time since this is a semi-concept album based on realizations gained from a trip to "Sunny Californi-a." Her keyboard parts continue to be a major strength, playing with a great comping technique and using all the right sounds and tones in the right places. My favorites are "Not What It Seems" (Great lyrics with a rich guitar intro), "Sweet Dream Symphony" (Hauntingly beautiful ballad) and "Crazy People On The Internet" which you would have to love just for the song title. Another winner!”

“Take a creative Canuck cutie keyboardist and put her in the Los Angeles area and what do you get? You get a musical take on California that is both extremely familiar and yet still new and original. As in most of her material on this disc, Biagini creates “a beautiful dream” in which her music provides an escape from the world today as opposed to following the more common current trend of mirroring it. A Far-Out Place, rated at number 15 on bash’s top 100 albums of 2010, contains clear piano lines and such elements as harpsichord, surf-rock guitar riffs, be-bop beats and layered doo-wop harmonies. Combined with Biagini’s point of view and personal twists, the music here is both reminiscent of classic rock and yet still “not what it seems” as Biagini proves that she is more than just one of those “crazy people on the internet”.”

“What a talented musician! She's got the total package: smooth, soothing pitch perfect vocals, both lead and harmony, which she does all herself. Girls just don't sing like this anymore! She also does all the instrumentation, primarily keyboard based with some particularly tasty parts on "Crazy On Me" and some keyboard licks on "Away In A Cloud" that Augie Meyer would be proud of. I like "Ridin' The Wave", "You're A Dangerous Thing" (Love the lyrics, wish that was written about me), "Everybody's Goin' Surfin' All Over The World" but my favorite is "Groovier Than You'll Ever Know" - great melody and harmony counterpoint parts. This CD should cost a dollar more just so you can be the owner of a song called "Groovier Than You'll Ever Know." As for playing live, this girl doesn't need a band. She needs a cloning machine.”

“If you think music's first and foremost goal should be to induce good times, this is the disc you have been looking for. The music evokes nostalgia with effects like ooh-ahh vocals, clear piano lines, organ swells and surf-rock riffs. Indeed the music amounts to rose-colored glasses, but that ain't so bad. This critic can only admire her craftsmanship and the courage of a real musician struggling to make it in a world of shrinking record sales and sacrilegious sampling.”

“It is hard to believe that British Columbia's Laurie Biagini is from today's Canada because her music is straight out of 1950's and '60's California and New York City. Girl group sounds mixed with surf and pop make this a genre-dream--- that is, if you like female sunshine pop a la Annette Funicello, Patience & Prudence intertwined with Beach Boys and Jan & Dean...Beach Blanket Biagini...”

“Fans of 1960s California sunshine pop will like this. Biagini's second album is full of reference points that inevitably name drops the Beach Boys, but Brian Wilson's influence is not as obvious as you might expect. The harmonies are bright and the melodies uplifting. The songs are simple but effective in a '60s way, though Biagini tackles some contemporary topics and thus can't be labelled retro. ”

“Laurie may hail from Canada (Vancouver, BC) but you wouldn’t know it from her sunny tunes. You might think she hailed from Hawthorne, Calif. These 16 songs have a real relaxed Beach Boys/surf pop/sunshine pop feel to them (think Mamas and Papas too) with sticky melodies and Laurie has a nice voice too. A few picks to click were “Two Feet off the Ground” and the title track but really there was plenty to like here”

“Those of you who know me know I don't make recommendations very often, but you just gotta listen to this girl. If you like the southern California surf sound of the 60's you're gonna really dig her! Authentic as all get out. Yeah, I recommend her!:-)”

Trabue Gentry - Singer, song writer, artist, artisan, photographer, inventor and self proclaimed

“We're talking surf...sand....romance....retro goodness.....This will surely make you smile. Please support Laurie Biagini and her outstanding music. I truly love this music!!!!”

“She is the best female vocalist I've heard in 2 decades... her New CD, A Far Out Place. I haven't played a CD like this since I can remember. Every song is a gem. I also ordered her CD from late 2008 and it is just as good. She has the sound of yesteryear, maybe that is why I love her sound... She is in her 40's and started writing only a few years ago. I have never pushed an Artist on anyone, but you know what I like, and I like the sound of this young lady.”

“Laurie's clear voice is reminiscent of Karen Carpenter. Her "sound" is a delightful mix of harmonies and catchy lyrics”

Dan Sharpe

“Ridin' The Wave is one sweet album--in every sense of the word. Sweet pop melodies. Sweet vocals. Sweet harmonies. Sweet keyboards. Laurie proves that this kind of music is back, and more vibrant and alive than ever.”

“If The Beach Boys' Wilson brothers had had a little sister, her name would've been Laurie Biagini. Laurie writes and sings the kind of pop songs that get stuck in your head for hours, days, weeks.”

Jerry Boyd - Side B Music

“The Jeanie in Biagini - Another winner from Laurie Biagini. The 60's and the endless summer never ends when Laurie's CD's are on the old turntable... is a hit on Radio New York International.”

“...an alchemic display of endearing Harrison-styled Travelin` Wilburys pop/rock, sunny Beach Boys/Wondermints, a slight tinge of bubblegum(shades of Mamas & Papas) and throw in some foundational Brill Building while you`re at it! Vocally, you can hear some Karen Carpenter and Jackie DeShannon”

“the world is a beach on a sunny never-ending summer day with laurie biagini in it. we luv you!”

The Red Button

“Laurie's album can be unreservedly recommended to all fans of harmony/beach/girl group/60's music.. the future of new harmony music seems secure and in safe hands”

“we love the surf sound, the jangle, the voices of Another Old Lazy Lyin On The Beach Afternoon (great title!). We order Laurie right up the charts!”

“Laurie’s style is pretty straightforward 60s rock n’ roll, with a touch of surf music as well as the harmonic quality of Brian Wilson and Beach Boys. The lyrical material appeals to everyday experience -this isn’t esoteric art rock, but a simple rock and roll celebration of everyday life”

“Laurie clearly has a natural talent for writing instantly memorable tunes & arranging great vocal harmonies. The songs have the joy and innocence of early Brian Wilson compositions that are given maturity by Laurie's vocals.”

Richard Hattersley - Richard Snow & The Inlaws

“I'm more convinced than ever that you're the female version of Brian Wilson. You know your arrangements backwards and forwards, and how to create really great pop songs. Rock on! ”

Alex Oliver - Poppermost

“So, who says that surf music is the exclusive domain of the boys? My hat's off to you...well if I was wearing a hat I would take it off. Or something like that...”

Marty Rudnick - (solo artist/musician/producer)

“I found "Ridin' The Wave" on iTunes and bought it last night...There are amazing hooks in every single song and unexpected vocal flourishes and harmonies that pile hooks on top of hooks. My goosebumps would die down from one song when they'd start up on the next...your music touched me. ”

Dave Bundy, (Editorial Director) - Suburban Journals of Greater St. Louis

“Laurie's music has something peppy, something happy, something up-tempo, and something snappy. Laurie flawlessly captures the Sunshine Pop essence in her songs - Damn, I wish I owned a convertable because this is THE perfect car album for summer!”

“a musical backdrop filled with marvelous piano playing, instrumentation, super sweet vocals and harmonies... besides having catchy melodies, the essence of your songs lyrics is what always gets me rockin' even more. ”

Paul Richmond - Zest Radio

“If a man could fall in love with a woman's voice, it would be yours I'd fall in love with... Wow, A Real Surfer Girl and what great sounds! Awesome!!!! Surfs Up!!!!”

Edward J. Lennon

"Ridin' the Wave" (could only listen to the title track only so many times before wanting more!). I remain at a loss to which song is my favorite. Reminds me of the first time I heard another album long ago. Or to put it in the words of one that album's cuts, "God Only Knows"

Rev. Dan Gibson, Pastor - University of Southern California, L.A. CA

“The ladykillers just want to say you have a beautiful voice, so come to England and sing with us ?”

The Ladykillers

“What a natural talent - Not a note out of place -bPlus, "A Magical Night" is one of the greatest songs I ever heard in my life !!!!!”

Dan Gallagher

“Just hearing all these sunny tunes and vibes is really turning me on to all that classic fifties and sixties songwriting again. Great to hear your tunes. Very mellow vocals. The surf is well and truly up.”

Papa J. Lowe