Lauren Silva / Press

"On Austin based R&B, soul, and pop singer-songwriter Lauren Silva's new album "Back to Bridges," Lauren's talent reassures that good music still lives on. Her voice, lyrics, and music shines forward as the album embellishes the world with magic. Don't forget the name Lauren Silva, who no doubt will conquer new worlds."

"As a director of film TV, theater I use music in all of my projects - not just an overlay to a scene for atmosphere but rather to help bring another fully realized layer to the story telling. I have spent my entire career listening and working with the top composers, songwriters and singers in the business. And the first time I heard Lauren Silva sing - I felt like I was listening to a seasoned vet. Her lyrics spoke to me and her voice haunted me. I knew by the end of that first song - I would jump through hoops to get a chance to work creatively with her. She is a gifted storyteller. If music feeds the soul then Lauren Silva is a joyous buffet that I simply can't get enough of!"

-- Andy Fickman - Award winning Director/Producer: Parental Guidance - You Again

"Sultry, expressive and delicately explosive, Lauren Silva delivers her songs with style and confidence..."

-- Johnny Nicholas, "Asleep at The Wheel," "Hellbent"

““Lauren Silva is a tremendous talent. Her voice, her writing, and her joyous presence make you wonder how she got all of this together at such a young age. This is a great record of heartfelt songs that satisfy on all levels, musical and emotional, and yet, I'm looking forward to what Lauren has in store for us in the future. The sky's the limit!””

Marcia Ball

“Uplifting adult contemporary songs with heart and soul. Powerful vocals and irresistable hooks will capture your heart. Fans of Adele, Pink and Sade will quickly add Lauren Silva to their favorites. ”

June Caldwell, Bryan Farrish Radio/Media Marketing

“The first time she appeared on Balcony TV Austin, Lauren impressed the producers with her sultry voice. In her second Balcony TV appearance, she wowed us them as much with her original song. And she’s easy on the eyes, too, if you haven’t noticed.”

“Soulful, powerful, and moving are only the beginning of future multi-platinum artist "Lauren Silva" ”

Barbara Rapport - Balcony TV