Lauren Fincham / Press

“Not sure what to call this CD. Pop? Acoustic pop? Folk rock? Country pop? Just plain alt-rock? Probably the best way to check is to listen to the 45 minute, 15 track cd and write in. <http://musesmuse.com/columnistsgreylogs/archives/00000029.html>”

“Lauren Fincham's Show & Tell features tradition acoustic instruments - guitar, dobro, pedal steel - contrasted with offbeat things like a Turkish drum. The result is a bluesy, atmospheric sound rooted in folk, with songs, such as "Something in the Air," that combine well-drawn portraits with pesonal reflections.”

Todd Leopold - The Atlanta Journal/The Atlanta Constitution

“With a subtle shrug, the singer kicks off this 6 track EP with a sly soft ‘constant craving’ lullaby for the gentle outsiders, old priests and fallen dancers. You are caught up in an ambiguous take of hope and defeat. You are soothed but entranced by the glowing imagery at the same time. While there are definite hints of artists like Jane Sibbery and KD Lang in the arrangements and production, what makes Perfect Pain stand out is how she twists the complicated modern ( for example an online relationship) with and into haunting glances at her past.This album is the sound of the artist taking stock of where she stands in her own universe and with fear or tension preparing to move on to brighter, perhaps even, more difficult worlds. Tiny moments like the late night trumpet of the title track, the sad slightly dangerous viola on several tracks all contribute to this thing of thoughtful beauty.”