Laurence Luckyman Beall / Press

“Best CD of 2011 Lunie Award on Blues Moon Radio. Laurence “Luckyman” Beall The Huntsville Sessions Turbine Incredible (2010) Last but not least… indeed this is most likely my absolute favorite find of the year… Laurence Luckyman Beall is the freshest, most invigorating artist to appear on Blues Moon Radio this year. His work is highly energized and he puts more sound out solo than most artists with backing bands. Sporting the Western-style dress and duck-tail hairstyle that emerged when Rock’n’Roll was young, Beall (pronounced ‘Bell’) is serious about his folio of Blues, Rockabilly and Americana that would get any mule kicking in its stall. Those who see Beall perform are impressed and charmed by his vibrant personality as well as his intense musicianship, comprised of powerful lyrics and melody, and a unique approach to electric chicken-pickin’ guitar work. His CD is the most commented on by Blues Moon Radio’s listeners this year… and many have become converts to”

“2010 saw the release of "The Huntsville Sessions" which I have to tell you, is his best work to date...and that's saying something! The old rockabilly/country/hillbilly elements are all there but he's added some soul, blues and old school R&B to the mix to create a sound that is haunting, personal and deeply moving. This is true American Music if there ever was such a thing! ”

“ Here is an all-American, blues, soul, rockabilly, honky tonk amalgamation, from a man whose musical history and accomplishments date back over many, many years: The Huntsville Sessions by Laurence ‘Luckyman’ Beall. It is obvious from the outset that Beall writes predominantly from his experiences – the highs and lows, the extremes and the longings – and the varied themes in his work make for great musical entertainment. Recorded in Alabama during the latter half of 2009, this disc carries an authentic southern sound. The sound quality expresses itself in modern terms, while still retaining the essence of that bygone era which remains forever timeless. Beall’s gritty vocals are perfectly suited to his rural style, which intrinsically mixes the black and white elements of his homeland heritage. ”

“At the risk of making what may be considered a blasphemous comparison, I'll put LB's lyrics up against Hank Williams Sr's any day of the week. I really think his writing is that good.”