Laura Meyer / Press

“When I listen to [her] music I don't know if my heart's breaking or being put back together.”

Audience member - Eddie's Attic

“Meyer might be the best singer-songwriter still unknown in these parts... Stylistically, she freely crosses the transom between folk and blues in ways stirring and sensual. A well-traveled troubadour, she boasts deft guitar playing that also bolsters her credentials, giving her an extra edge that separates her from the rest of the singer-songwriter competition.”

Lee Zimmerman - Miami New Times

“It takes something extraordinary to leave the listener eagerly anticipating more, more, more... Meyer has accomplished that on Miles From Nowhere, a musical travelogue so well-painted with intimate lyrics that you can picture New York, Los Angeles and 'the stars above Telluride.'”

“Remarkable... whether it's her intricate finger picking or moving lyrics, Meyer is one folk-artist who deserves your attention.”

"A stunning collection of folk rock inspired songs. The album has a reccurring theme of beautifully laid out nature-driven images. Tone shifts throughout, keeping songs fresh and enriched... a perfect addition to your playlist."

Jeff Hinshaw - Bootleg Magazine

“Laura Meyer sings to us from a place of authority that seemingly would belie her age.”

Emily Anderson - Athens Banner-Herald

“Laura Meyer’s latest independent album is chock full of tough-minded vocals, insightful lyrics and gritty guitar that no doubt will keep her on the road for years to come. Meyer sets the bar high... Gutsy stuff.”

“Elegant singing and playing... a brilliant guitarist... a poetic lyricism that not many new people have. Often times it takes people decades - [Laura's] already there.”

Steve Traina - WCSB 89.3 Cleveland

"Between the Earth & the Sky" is a lush, tender ode, while "Flying V" serves up some delicious gritty guitars.

“A great live performance... Conor Oberst mixed in with a hint of Lisa Hannigan and a dash of Robert Zimmerman.”

“Beams of adeptly and uniquely finger-picked guitar support walls of elegant, earthy vocals and through tall, open windows come remarkably poetic and relatable lyrics. These songs are country roads, rich with story and movement.”

“My favorite of the evening was Laura Meyer, who positively trampled what few pieces of my heart were still beating with her forlorn crooning and subdued fingerpicking. Her poetic lyrics were particularly notable...cleverly leading her listeners' expectations into trap after heartbreaking trap.”