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“MPR Show hosts roots, rock and reggae festival in Bridgeport (Part 4) It all started with a shot in the dark request to speak with one of the radio host's favorite musicians -- Big Head Todd and the Monsters frontman Todd Park Mohr. "I sent an email to his publicist thinking, `There's no way I'm getting this interview because I'm an Internet radio show,'" Love said. "But to my surprise, they emailed me back. That's what started this whole thing up." Love, who broadcasts "MPR Show" with producer Mr. Jay and co-host Laura Merrill, has since charmed a bevy of musicians, celebrities and tabloid stars, convincing them to go on the air in interviews that are revealing and off the cuff. Listeners -- and advertisers -- have flocked to the show. But, even as "MPR Show" has grown in popularity, Love has stayed true to the live and local mantra. You may hear a interview with Micahel Lohan, but iat'll always be chased by a live performance from an area band. ”

“MPR Show hosts roots, rock and reggae festival in Bridgeport (Part 3) "MPRShow Fest is just the shot in the arm we need to keep us firing on all cylinders," said guitarist/singer John Torres. "It provides us the chance to perform alongside and catch up with some of our good buddies, while allowing us to rub elbows with some national acts who've tasted the glory we're chasing. Plus, it's local, so we can stumble home if the whisky goes down too easily." Torres lauded Love, saying MPRShow Fest is just the first of many big things I think you'll see his name attached to." For one thing, the witty, fast-talking radio host recently signed a deal with My Three Sisters Publishing to release his first book, the tentatively titled "#daveylovethoughts." But while he's moving into other arenas of entertainment, Love's greatest accomplishment is scoring the big interview.”

“MPR Show hosts roots, rock and reggae festival in Bridgeport (Part 2) Following the blueprint of Love's radio show, the concert pairs national names (in this case, musicians) with local ones, while echoing its roots-rock-reggae format. Headlining the concert are Pete Francis, a longtime Greenwich resident best known as the bassist of the roots rock band Dispatch; and New Jersey reggae ensemble Echo Movement. The line-up of area acts includes Oh, Cassius!, P.J. Pacifico, I Anbassa, Big Moon, Darian Cunning, Remember September, Michele Riganese, Tom Crowley and Bury Me A Lion. "The thought is this would be a good way to shine a light on these local acts, and to show people how good they really are," said Love, who lives in the Black Rock section of Bridgeport. One of the local acts, Oh, Cassius!, is a Bridgeport folk duo that performed on "MPR Show" last September and again this past March.”

“MPR Show hosts roots, rock and reggae festival in Bridgeport (Part1) On his widely syndicated radio show, Davey Love has interviewed an impressive slate of celebrities: "Jersey Shore" cast member Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, porn actress Nicole Aniston, Anthony Weiner sexting partner Sydney Leathers. But if the banter between Love and his high-profile guests is the main attraction of the two-hour show, it's also a way to keep listeners tuned into the local acts the personality so passionately supports. "I always felt that they needed to get the exposure they deserve," Love, the host of "Modern Problems Radio Show," said of the area musicians that have performed on his program. "They're super talented." With that mission in mind, Love is set to present the inaugural MPRShow Fest, a daylong festival of roots, rock and reggae music at Bridgeport's Acoustic Cafe on Saturday, Sept. 14.”

“Your grandmother is an iconic artist who-after more than 60 years-continues to perform to adoring audiences world-wide, while your father has continued to compose, record and perform world-wide for almost half a century, having started his career while barely in his teens. Do you envision your own career enjoying such amazing longevity? God willing! My grandmother and father are the two perfect examples today that if you have talent and heart anything is possible. “Keep on keepin’ on.” The music never stops. Where would you like to see your career take you in the next ten years? In ten years I’d like to be the next Oprah with a side of female Hugh Heffner and a sun shower of my most talented family. Do you have any advice for up and coming singers who want to achieve the very best sound in their performance, be it live or in studio? Yes, sing with your soul. Get to know your voice. Be disciplined, help others and never stop learning. - Part 9”

“Besides establishing a successful career as both a singerand a radio personality, you are also establishing a career for yourself in the field of style and design. Can you tell our readers more about that? I always had a love for fashion and found it to be yet another artistic outlet. After a few years at NYC’s Fashion Institute for Design I went from being a wardrobe stylist to combining art and fashion into a t-shirt line called SicBtch. It’s a way to express my artistic taste through fashion. We are currently in the middle of sending new styles to press. - Part 8 ”

“Your father has enjoyed one of the longest-lasting and most influential/respected careers in music as an artist who continues to write, record and perform new music on a continuous basis, rather rest on his laurels as so many of his musical peers have chosen to do. How has his perpetual creativity and tremendous work ethic influenced you as an artist? My father has taught me that success isn't measured on what you do, it’s what you continue to do. In my family there is a fire to succeed, to stay true to your roots and never stop doing what you love. - Part 7”

“Congratulations on your recently joining the crew of the Daveylove Mprshow as their permanent co-host of the radio program "Modern Problems." How did you come to be associated with the cast and crew of that popular radio show, and do you have any future plans to delve further into that genre of show business (radio)? I met Davey Love and Mr. Jay at one of my BLi$$ shows and we quickly became friends. Modern Problems Radio Show became wildly successful mixing comedy, sexuality and live music. Davey asked me to co-host temporarily one night and I think the chemistry between myself and everyone just rolled. We had such a good time goofing on the show that the next time Davey called me it was to ask if I wanted to be permanent co-host. I was thrilled. Radio has always been a dream of mine and I think the possibilities with Modern Problems are endless. They have something special. - Part 6”

“Your vocal styling encompasses so many different genres (jazz, blues, rock, etc.). What was the very first genre of music that really caught your attention growing up, and which today do you feel has the strongest influence on your current style? My strongest influence growing up was Rhythm and Blues. Trained to sing classically I think R&B enticed me because of its soulful and expressive nature. Rock, punk and hip-hop were introduced to me by my father who had very broad musical taste and certainly opened my eyes to listening to a wide range of artists. Singing with BLi$$ I’ve learned to cover such a wide range of my favorite musical artists. Even if it didn’t suit my voice I would always try it anyway and imagine coming up with my own vocal twist. - Part 5”

“Your latest musical project is with the duo Le Grand Jones (the Stamford, Connecticut-based recording artist/DJ duo of Philip De Freese and Scotty Marz)and the single Find Your Way. However, you have also performed and worked with a number of other bands(Twisted, BLI$$, The Pharaohplanes, etc.). Of all your musical collaborations so far, do you have a favorite and if yes, which is it? All of them have their own unique, AMAZING qualities. I’m partial to Le Grand Jones for their groovy style and honest song writing. Bli$$ band was another favorite on a different level because we were like a band family. We had great chemistry and such a rigorous gig schedule that bought us together. I learned a lot about music from both projects. - Part 4 ”

“Laura, you come from a simply amazing musical "dynasty"of sorts, going into its third generation with yourself. Did your father and/or grandmother influence your decision to become a singer and if yes, how? Of course, I look up to my grandmother and father so much that the inspiration was just natural. Singing was a way of life in my family. My father taught me to sing with soul. My grandmother taught me to sing like my voice was an instrument. I've listened to both of them and try to sing with raw emotion. At what age did you decide to make music a life choice and career, or was it a gradual, more subtle decision on your part? I think when I joined my first full time band BLI$$, back in 2009. It quickly became a full time job: gigging and singing 4 or more nights a week. I realized that it was naturally where I was supposed to be. Bli$$ sparked the fire in me that I could actually do this. - Part 3”

“Merrill has just released an exciting new musical project: Le Grand Jones' new single Find Your Way, which features her luminous vocal performance as its aural "crown jewel." Simultaneously, she has also recently joined the Daveylove Mprshow as their permanent co-host of the 'Modern Problems' Radio program. Observes Merrill, "If life wasn't groovy enough...it just got groovier!" A brilliant, in-demand artist with nary a moment of "downtime" to herself...and that is precisely how this exciting new artist likes it...Laura Merrill took a break this week just long enough to share with Examiner readers her thoughts on her family's musical "dynasty", her vocal styling and its influences, her latest projects, her love of fashion and design and more: - Part 2 ”

“Popular New York-based singer and radio personality Laura Merrill hails from a serious musical dynasty. Her father is none other than legendary singer/songwriter/musician/actor and model Alan Merrill, while her grandmother is iconic jazz singer Helen Merrill. For many artists, coming from such formidable, musical "roots" might prove a hard act to follow, but this is not the case with Laura Merrill. Her star continues to rise as she meets each new artistic challenge head on, displaying full confidence in her abilities as a multi-talented artist. Most artists would be thrilled to achieve success within a single genre of the arts and entertainment business. Not so in the case of Laura Merrill. This year, she took on not just one but two new projects-in both music and radio-and scored a perfect ten, in a matter of speaking. - Part 1”

“Laura Merrill is equally thrilled to have recently joined the Daveylove Mprshow as their permanent co-host of the 'Modern Problems' Radio program. Says Merrill: "If life wasn't groovy enough...it just got groovier! So thankful and excited to be a part of such an amazing show!" Merrill began making her mark as a singer of formidable power and commanding stage presence with bands such as The Pharaohplanes, Twisted and BLI$$, and her star continues to rise even as her talents blossom into other artistic endeavors such as fashion designer/stylist. Like her father, singer/songwriter/musician/actor and model Alan Merrill, Laura Merrill's talents cannot be confined to only one or two artistic endeavors/genres. She is far too diverse and accomplished an artist to be boxed in by anyone. - Part 2”

“Red-hot singer and radio host Laura Merrill, daughter of the legendary Alan Merrill and granddaughter of iconic jazz singer Helen Merrill, has just released her exciting, latest new musical project: Le Grand Jones' new single Find Your Way, which features her powerful, finely tuned vocal performance as its aural "crown jewel!" Le Grand Jones is a Stamford, Connecticut-based recording artist and DJ duo, consisting of Philip De Freese and Scotty Marz, and their supporting artists have included such impressive talents as Laura Merrill, David Scott, Pierre De Beauport and Tippy Childs. Their music style mixes elements of dub, acid jazz, reggae, Blues, and Rock. The single was just released this month, and its music video is quickly becoming a favorite on Youtube, as the New York club scene is starting to put the exciting, atmospheric song on heavy rotation. - Part 1 ”

““One of Stamford's most popular event nights, Wednesday Night Rockstar Karaoke at 84 Park has relocated to Thursdays at downtown lounge G/R/A/N/D. It's the latest coup for the Bank Street club, which recently recruited former Burger Bar & Bistro Chef Nick Bilello to create Grand Burger, one of the city's most sought-after new dining destinations. Promoter Craig Sasson continues to organize the weekly soiree and popular cover band Bli$$ remains installed as the backing band. We spoke to Sasson, who let us know what to expect at the new venue:””

““The nightlife awards were not without surprises: Plainville's Sliders emerged as the top "Sports Bar," beating out obvious choice Rookies of Cromwell. In the "Live Jazz" category there was another upset, as New Haven's Firehouse 12 was selected over beloved Hartford jazz and barbeque joint Black-Eyed Sally's. Predictable and indisputable winners included Thomas Hooker Brewing ("Connecticut Beer") and L'escale at the Delamar ("Hotel Bar"). A bright spot on the list? Stamford's G/R/A/N/D unseated Shrine at Foxwoods to take the state's "Nighclub" crown. It's a wise choice, as the Bank Street lounge recently separated itself from Stamford's late-night pack with the opening of a new Grand Burger restaurant and the arrival of a hugely-popular Thursday Night Rockstar Karaoke party.””

"Perhaps the most unique offering Sasson initiated — in conjunction with former general manager Josh Schwartz, who recently moved to Singapore — is the live Rock Star Karaoke night, where patrons can step up on a makeshift stage and sing rock and pop songs while the band Bliss — consisting of lead singer Laura Merrill, guitarist Ed Vick and bassist Clint Amereno — performs renditions with uncanny fidelity to the originals. “This is different than any other gig,” said Merrill. “I’m now doing backup vocals and I’m also a cheerleader, since people sometimes get nervous.” On Wednesday nights during the competitions, the club drops its dress code and beers cost $3 until 11 p.m. The best singers are given a laminated pass that entitles them to receive two free drinks on subsequent nights and qualify for the final round, where they receive five free drink tickets. "

““The band offers faithful, full-sounding renditions of about 80 songs, with more added each week. On stage, Bliss lead singer Laura Merrill helps participants who lack confidence or miss a cue. “I’m like a human bouncing ball,” she says. “I try to make people feel comfortable.” Bassist Clint Amereno and guitarist Ed Vick provide backup and tend to details, like the scratchy guitar part of “Don’t Stop Believing” and Slash’s tone in “Sweet Child of Mine.” Metronomic drummer Dnash programs and sequences keyboard parts that he runs through his laptop to help flesh out the sound for Bon Jovi, Lady Gaga and Pink tunes. ””