Laura LaRue / Press

“I Love your French... Un, Deux, Trois !! Great song!”

Satchwood - Reverbnation Artist

"You Rock!"

Niva The Soul Diva - Reverbnation Artist

“Exceptionally Good Music!!!”

Lord Of Spirits - Reverbnation Artist

“Fantastic!! love those tracks!”

TRAFIKO - Reverbnation Artist

“That is a killer beat and vocals on "Un, Deux, Trois."”

White Grizzly - Reverbnation Artist

“Laura, your awesome!! Great music!!”

Michael Peace Stewart - Reverbnation Artist

“Outstanding passion Laura!!!”

John Revitte - Reverbnation Artist

"LaRue freakin rocks! I just wanna scream through the Castro that everything is PureDisco tonight in SanFran!! What an amazing track...can't get enough. And that's from the "posh lot"!!

MikeWhitePresents - Reverbnation Artists

"If the DJ Chus Remix of 'San Francisco Is My Disco'doesn’t whip you into dancefloor submission, check your pulse."

"Love it !!"

Gigi Harville -Singer - Fan

"Your style is uniquely DOPE! i love your voice! as well as the tight production!"

"Excellent music! Great vocals!!!"

Michael Hartman & The Appendages - Musician/Songwriter


Truth Panel - Musician

"Yes a great talent for sure!!! Nice music. Reminds me of the Pet Shop Boys Meets Blondie. Great melodies and that mix of sounds is out standing. Great vocals/voice."

Wayne Sanelli - Musician

"Beautiful and majority talented:-) I'm a fan!"

Cat Mclean - Musician

"Sweet voice and melodies Laura!! Love your latin ~ french ~ electronica blend ~*~ very inspirational! Bonjour to Happiness!!"

Satchwood - Musician

"Fun, upbeat grooves with smooth emotive vocals."

Oona McOuat - Musician

"Your music is so uplifting- love your vibe!"

Colin Scallan - Musician

"Fresh and Cheeky."

Sub Secret - Musician

"La musique est tres superbe. Your music is amazing Laura. Keep the vibes coming dear."

Kwesi Selassie - Musician

"I just got your album from Amazon. Marvelous."

Phillip Hartley - Musician/Songwriter

"Me and Marc Capelle think Laura LaRue is FABULOUS!"

Mark Eitzel -Singer Songwriter - American Music Club

“Love her voice...". I've always loved cowboys"...me too!”

Deborah Oropallo - Artist

“I love Laura La Rue!!!”

Judy Hallden - Fan

“We loved your CD!! It's been playing in my car since the night Andy gave it to us. Thank you. We can can't wait to catch you "live".”

Eugenio Jardim - Fan

“Sure have been enjoying the music. It works really well with cocktails by the pool!”

Tim Lewis - Professional Bon Vivant

“Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a talented beauty goddess! We are huge fans. When will you be preforming live??????????”

Allison Post - Co Author of 'Unwinding the Belly'

"LOVED your CD!!"

Kristine Jaeger - Fan

"Laura LaRue pulls off a light, smooth irrestible pop we wish we could hear more of."

Tony Kolish - Fan