Laura Jeanne / Press

“Laura Jeanne is lovely as the summers day. Beautiful in every way. Divine in her music and fashion, she's gonna have a mansion. She's got so much soul, and she's on a roll.You better watch out, ain't no doubt, Laura Jeanne gonna set your heart on fire with maximum desire! I should know, she's taken me higher! Awe yeah!! Supreme Congrats to you beautiful Laura Jeanne, on your love ride to number one all over this World. With love and respect, Narada Michael Walden”

Narada Michael Walden, Grammy & Emmy Award Winning Producer & Musician

“Laura combines a strong vocal ability, a flair for song writing with a certain vulnerability and natural beauty- an enchanting recipe for international success.”

Ashley Rossiter, Celebrity Stylist

“Talent, love, determination and hard work, from these ingredients emerge the owned, true voice and music that is Laura Jeanne.”

Dee Johnson, Vocalist (Simply Red)

“Laura Jeanne has a beauty & honesty to her singing voice that won't fail to give her listeners goose-bumps.  Her music is genuine and created with integrity, which she delivers consistently with her unique & stunning vocal talent.”

Natasha Andrews. Vocal Coach (Chicane)

“This woman is in every way destined for the shining lights of stardom, we promise.”

The Troubadour, London

“In a saturated industry, Laura Jeanne provides, through her angelic voice, a breath of fresh air. ”

Raef Bjayou, The Apprentice BBC ONE

“Laura Jeanne a fantastic new talent! She has a powerful, lush voice and shows she can write catchy, fresh pop songs with her brilliant debut single ‘Coincidence'. ”

Ian Greaves, Director Music Programming, Napster UK

"I love Laura, she's a rare diamond in the rough. Great songs, beautiful voice & also a lovely girl. What else could you wish for?"

Chesney Hawkes- Singer/Songwriter

“Laura Jeanne is establishing herself in the music and acting worlds through sheer exuberance and hard work. She talks to Melanie Dakin”

“A TALENTED singer and songwriter released her debut single to a worldwide audience on Sunday, May 22.”