Laura Davis / Press

“Your look and music rock Laura ! Yes I am your ROCKSTAR :)”

Foxman - RVN

“One of the most uniquely original artists to appear on the RVN scene! Astonishingly beautiful vocals backed by exceptional and innovative musicianship. That Laura Davis stopped by my page - makes me kinda feel like I won the lottery! She is a musical treasure trove.”

Rick Frost - RVN

“I love your vibe and style man! You got it, keep rocking.”

JD Greer - RVN

“What a stunning collection of songs Laura! "Rockstar" is a classic!”

MikeWhitePresents - RVN

"Exceptionally authentic. You rock. Have not seen anyone quite so "rock genuine" in many moons....."

Al Bowman, Founder/Executive Producer - LA Music Awards