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“Cheadle constantly pleases, with a voice that’s a mixture of honey and velvet, with a touch of vinegar. It’s also a bit timeless. I could imagine her singing in just about any era in the last 80 years or so. On the stage of the Cotton Club, the Apollo, the Blue Note, any jazz festival, or even Woodstock, she could find a place to be comfortable. That’s quite the range. For someone who is as prolific as she has been over the past few years, the quality of her work seems to be still on the incline. And I’m grateful.”


Tri State Indie Music Awards

"Laura's live shows are a sight to behold. Rife with high energy, loads of "funky" riffs, and plenty of her dance moves, laura never disappoints. Using a band comprised of family members James "Papa" Cheadle on keyboards, twin brothers Nick Cheadle on secondary keys and Jimmy Lee Cheadle on lead guitar as well as "honorary Cheadle" Ben Smith on drums, her performances are spectacular."

The Trentonian

“A self-taught soul/blues singer who began writing songs at 16. Laura Cheadle is one of those all-around performers ., She typically delivers high-energy sets, beginning with bluesy ballads and getting more up-tempo with tunes such as “Love Map,” “Live On” or the bossa-meets-soul “Sunday Naps,” which get her fans grooving.The band is one of Cheadle’s great assets. Her dad spotlights his well-developed improvisational chops and smart riffs, while guitar, bass and drums provide funky support for her sexy, confident mezzo-soprano voice. Her rhythm guitar skills aren’t shabby, either :)”

City Arts: New York's Review of Culture

"Laura Cheadle Voted "Best Female Singer of 2009" and "Best Female Artist of 2010" on the Hit Radio Station 93.7 WSTW Hometown Heroes Homey Awards."

93.7FM WSTW Hometown Heroes Awards

"Cheadle loves music and appreciates the tiny details that go into making a song more than just a melody and chords. Laura Cheadle makes singing seem easy. She’s teeming with the sort of soul that other artists can only dream of."

SKOPE Magazine

"She is perpetual motion, boundless energy, and shares her love of music with everyone present ... Laura is incapable of standing still, staying on the stage, or even keeping her shoes on."

““LAURA CHEADLE is a young white woman with a big guitar. She shows that she has just as big a voice, with a solid R&B, bluesy, jazzy, soulful sound. She applies her voice well, in a way that would make the likes of Bill Withers or the Reverend Al Green smile.””

Jersey Beat Magazine

““Laura Cheadle makes singing seem easy. She’s teeming with the sort of soul that other artists can only dream of. And if her studio performance is any indication, she puts on an awesome live show.””


"...Not only does Laura have the voice and the looks to back up her musical talent, but she also has that indescribable “it” star quality that hoists her a level or two above most other extremely talented local acts."

Philadelphia Music Examiner

"Laura Cheadle is a young, jeans-wearing singer & multi-instrumentalist who writes songs in the coffeeshop-love-song tradition & renders them in a smooth-funky, B3 kind of way"

Time Out NY