Laura Ainsworth / Press

“You can keep all those pop divas. The only one for me is Laura Ainsworth...Ainsworth has beauty, brains, sophistication and comic timing that make her a total performance package...A wonderful modern interpreter of the Great American Songbook as well as thoroughly modern styles.”

“Jazz star Laura Ainsworth, daughter of legendary big band musician Bill Ainsworth, signs on to the elite W.O.A International Artist Roster for exclusive management across India and Dubai... Breaking out of the traditional Jazz mold, Laura Ainsworth is in a class of her own...”

“Laura Ainsworth’s sophomore album pops in a way that makes you realize just how terrific old-school jazz can sound in the right hands. Full of vivid instrumentation crisply recorded — there were goose-bump moments, particularly during 'One More Time,' when it seemed like the musicians were performing right in front of me — and Ainsworth’s vivacious vocals, 'Necessary Evil' cries out for dim lighting, last call and a fine cigar.”

“...An exceptional singer, full of grace and color in her interpretations…The popular song (of) the ‘30’s ‘One More Time’ could summarize the talent of this woman. Her ability to express the elements of the most classic jazz is incomparable; she is able to subtly display sensuality, darkness, romanticism, naughtiness, and feeling.”

Oscar Montagut - TheWorldMusicReport.com

“Laura Ainsworth weaves past and present with stunning power... Her voice is like (a) mirror reflection into the past, conjuring black-and-white images of well-groomed gentlemen in trench coats and fedoras, smoke-enveloped bars, and glamorous women whose beauty is nearly as bright as their jewelry...Laura Ainsworth has that effect on the listener, an uncanny ability to flash portraits in the mind with a simple line...It might not be long before Dallas is not just known for its oil, Cowboys, and J.R. Ewing but a funny lady with a jewel of a voice...”

“Delightful…Snazzy and jazzy…Charming and genuine… She doesn’t sing like a diva, but like a character living in the middle of the music…Recalls big band clubs in many a black-and-white film airing on TCM…Magically transporting to an era far gone…”

Kevin Thomas - Dallas Voice

“Singing in a satiny, impossibly old-fashioned, nearly three-octave voice, Ainsworth is the very portrait of West Coast cool…The transcendent moment every singer hopes for when they dig out one of those dusty, decades-old favorites...arrives in the form of 'Skylark' ...The results are devastatingly beautiful, nakedly honest, and a powerful argument for the ageless compositions that Ainsworth so clearly treasures...”

Nick DeRiso - SomethingElseReviews.com

“As sweet-voiced as a meadowlark crossed with a hummingbird…The kind of gig Mae West would uncork champagne to and then sit back in brocade and rhinestones…Vamps, sorceresses, and cabaret divas are the faeryland denizens she saunters among, unhurriedly, at home with winsome seductresses and a Gatsby or two. At times, one can almost hear Tenessee Williams and Oscar Wilde rubbing elbows in the audience.”