LaughingSkull / Press

“Too jazzy for metalheads, to hard for jazzers, too weird for rockers. LaughingSkull - hated by all.”

Homer - Illiad

“Each piece is like a cleverly woven tale and the guitar is the narrator. Serious music and guitar chops. ”

Dropped On Our Heads - Reverbnation

“The excellent and intricate musical offerings here complement Laughing Skull's amazing fretboard skill and dexterity. Truly a Master at his Art, his musical works and playing ability are unparallelled to at least my experienced ears and are an ample and worthy listening experience for anyone who enjoys guitar shred to the max!”

Rob @ Promize - Reverbnation

“Bach gave us God's Word. Mozart gave us God's laughter. Beethoven gave us God's fire. LaughingSkull gave us God's despair.”

Anonymous. - Tales from the Ether

“I think there is astonishing style and technique in the compositions here! Fusion passages that would be at home on a Steely Dan album flow seamlessly into heavy, dramatic, tripped out metal. One of the best blendings of two of my favorite genres, jazz fusion and metal, that I've heard.”

Well Trained Monkey - Reverbnation

““Reasonless Universe” is a very jazzy song that could easily pass in any casino lounge in the world. It could until it breaks out into an all-out metal assault. This is one of the first instrumental tracks I have ever heard that I thought: lyrics would hurt this track.”

“‘Labyrinths Of The Soul’ is one of those records a guitar freak will love for sure and a little STEVE VAI can clearly be heard in here. Not a groundbreaking instrumental CD, but still definitely one to check out if you’re a fan of this genre. (Points: 8.0 out of 10) ”

“Any guitar connoisseur owes it to themselves to check this album out and you'll be amazed that there was work like this that you didn't know about. We HIGHLY recommend “Labyrinths Of The Soul” for any fan of rock, metal, blues, psychedelic, jazz, or simply put the GUITAR. GET IT NOW!!! ”

“The album offers something for everyone. In it can be heard heavy gothic guitar riffs and dramatic melodies, jazz chord progressions and funky rhythms as well as mystical ballads. Cleverly selected guitar effects contribute to the overall sound of the album. The entire compilation is proof that when someone wants to express his ideas, his art can be the best assistant. And that the professional is not determined by the diploma, but the desire ,persistence and endurance invested to achieve the desired results. "Labyrinths of the Soul" is definitely an album that deserves to be heard by hunters of new musical experiences. Real hit in the AMAdea Records catalog. ”

“Great compositional style, and contrasting variations of themes.”

Kim Riemer - Soundclick Artist

“A whole sense of drama and anticipation builds in the track, but all the while in the distance perhaps is where sanity hides. A beautiful, dark, velvet rich track, with soulful expression.”

Ekaterina - Soundclick Artist

“Maintaining interest within instrumentals is not such an easy thing to do...but you do it well.”

Temporal Chaos - Soundclick Artist

“Empassioned, dramatic, delightful.”

VMP - Soundclick Artist