Late Cambrian / Press

“With considerable acclaim for their last release, we have been graced once again with fast-rising NYC indie alt-rock quartet Late Cambrian's presence. This time, Golden Time, a compact 40 minutes of big hooks, smooth melody and practiced riffage, the high water qualities of a band on their game. What diversifies and separates Golden Time from the huge market it seems to place itself in is the variety of influences across the texture of the sound. This coalesces into excellent music, but to break it apart, one can find early Weezer, Phoenix, Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes easily on the surface. Beneath, hear the local alternative inflection of Interpol, and so much more. The ocassional dash of west-coast warmth in the songwriting, another layer which shows itself most prominently on the excellent "Objects". "Throwing Shade" does the opening trick, with noteworthy percussion filling space between tight guitar work and a fine chorus.”

“I’ll say it right off the bat; Late Cambrian set the bar so high with their own brand of intellectual pop-rock on Social Season, Peach and their Converse Rubber Tracks release that I honestly couldn’t imagine where Late Cambrian could possibly take their sound next that would build upon what came before it whilst progressing forward. Golden Time is a stunning record. When you’re a music artist, you’re only as great as your latest record in the eyes of critics and most fans – and it’s safe to say that Golden Time is Late Cambrian’s best record yet; riding high off of a successful crowdfunding campaign for their latest full-length album called Golden Time, and about to embark on a UK tour with Wheatus, MC Frontalot, and Gabrielle Sterbenz, it really is clear that Late Cambrian are on the up and up in the independent rock scene.”

“Although "Social Season" is merely a five-song EP, it progresses as though you are listening to a ‘greatest hits' album. Late Cambrian is gifted with having an almost learned ability to create perfect radio singles, similarly to Maroon 5's uncanny hit-making magic. With punchy percussion and thick-and-bouncy bass lines, the band's happy, slappy pop anthems sound orchestrated for the perfect kegger or any given "American Pie" movie soundtrack. For all the pomp-and-pop musicality, there still lurks an underlying edge of indie/punk attitude that really gives the band its spark of individuality. It is in the subtext where Late Cambrian sounds like it is fighting fire with fire, or in this case, pop with pop. A major label would be foolish not to sign this band immediately.”

“In our latest edition of Vs., we’re putting the spotlight on our recent “Kickoff to KahBang” winners Late Cambrian and nerd rockers Weezer. Late Cambrian hails from Brooklyn, New York, and like Weezer, have a distinctive power pop sound, featuring crunchy, distorted guitars and upbeat tempos. It doesn’t hurt that their lead singer’s voice sounds a lot like that of Weezer vocalist Rivers Cuomo. Late Cambrian’s songs feature big, melodic guitar solos that make listeners want to play air guitar. Just like Weezer’s first album in the early ’90s, Late Cambrian’s debut The Last Concert is the kind of album that makes 13-year-olds want to grab their dad’s old, dusty guitar out of the attic and start strumming along.”

“Featuring solid composition and good musicianship, it has standouts like “Never For A Minute” and the impressive finale of the title track. No filler here also helps make this a worthy addition to your music collection.”

“There is always an apprehension when reviewing a new band, a feeling of cynicism that comes from way too many mediocre or downright awful bands. Late Cambrian makes up for the wasted hours upon hours of dredging through trash to find that one diamond.”