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“Point blank - I would put "Now Serving", the new CD from Last Supper, up against any release I have heard this year, be it local or national. I really couldn't care less if you like metal or not, let all pretentious whining cease immediately and buy this album. For Last Supper's a band that has the presence, songwriting, energy and substance to explode well beyond the confines of Colorado Springs. Lucky for us, they've recorded it all. Released on local label, Mosh Pit Records, "Now Serving" is an eleven track buffet of mad cap metal-groovin' mayhem. Each song resounds with an overall phatness that makes it hard to believe they were recorded locally in small studios. The album's actually split into two seperate recordings. Tracks 1-7 were recorded at Avatar Studios in Feb '96, While 8-11 were recorded at Taylor Made Studios in late '94. This CD is really good but live is the element in which to see them. The CD is just to give you that fix until the next show - Dave Olsen”

Dave Olsen - Rover Magazine #15

"Puff Good Stuff " Last Supper (Mosh Pit Records): #3 on the Pot 10 Discs

Steve Bloom: Music editor - High Times Magazine