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"The band's music is a unique and dynamic blend of rock rhythms conjured upon an indie pop mindset that is refreshing and a nice change of pace from the other types of music you're currently being exposed to right now. I had the opportunity to check them out in concert a couple of weeks ago at The Middle East Upstairs, and they completely blew me away with their unbridled enthusiasm that they so eloquently displayed on stage that left me clamoring for more and in amazement of the sheer power of their performance."

“Though there may only be 4 songs here, LOO don’t waste a second with a barrage of giant sized hooks, thundering melodies and pop-rock sing-a-longs. With a good mix of driving guitars and animated keys, this EP sits comfortably between hard rock, college rock and ’90s alt-rock. A solid effort, pointing to a great full length in the future.”

"The EP starts off with "Favorite Van Gogh," which begins like The Killers but builds into a fully charged rocker with thundering percussion and driving guitars. The song has hit single written all over it; it's memorable and energetic with strong vocals. "The Calvary" follows and slows down the pace but adds well-executed piano melodies. While it has some louder moments, this solid alt-rock spirited tune is a more reserved offering with very meticulous musicianship. "Hardwiring" starts off as one of the softest tracks but quickly approaches harder textures, and again, the pianos are used sparingly but effectively. It almost sounds like a mixture of the first two tracks – anthemic yet also with restraint. The EP closes out with "Like A Crown," a more indie rock slanted song with a much different angle than the previous three. It shows a whole different dimension to the band and adds much to the EP."

“Last One Out has the deep hasty vocals of the sings in Jimmy Eats World. It has a easy flow but a head banging anger filled tracks to contrast the slow indie songwriter beginnings. They have heavy choruses complimented by slow touchy smooth vocals and instrumentals leading the song in and out of the chorus'. Last One Out's album "Still Life Moves" is a four-track hate letter album, to a best friend being annoying or a break up. The beginnings carry off with a smooth drum beat and easy listening lyrics explaining a story or problem. Slowly climbs up with heavy guitar strums or quicker pat of the drum to to the exposure of strong heavy heart felt hatred lyrics. This album is more of a rock out getting ready for the night or a game. Not a study break tune to keep you focused. I really enjoy all the tracks and it is more supplemented toward a indie dark pop audience, although I found myself not minding listening through they whole album and all through each song; start to finish.”

“What to look for-Spring 2013”

“You know them. You love them. One of their songs is stuck in your head right now. They are Last One Out, the pop/rock band from Providence, and they are no longer playing around—they are playing serious music. Last time I hung out with Last One Out, the band was in the midst of the Hard Rock Rising Contest, making it into the final round of this international competition. Now, a year later, the Providence College ’11 alums are establishing a name in the world of alternative rock.”

“Providence Phoenix 2012 Best Act Nominee”

The Providence Phoenix

“Undying dedication and a passion for performing has transformed Last One Out from friends who like to jam together to a success story, an internationally recognized band whose talents have been compared to The Killers and Neon Trees.”

“Nuggets like “Shoulders of Giant” and “Threads of Sweet Nothings: are catchy slabs of alt-pop that finds the band sounding bigger than ever before...Gracing the big stage at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel for the first time...the band is poised for even bigger things in 2012.”

“The Deli Magazine's Artist of the Month for March 2012”

The Deli Magazine

“Winner of Hard Rock Cafe Boston's 2012 Hard Rock Rising Battle of the Bands”

Hard Rock Cafe Boston

“Winner of WXIN's 2012 Rock Hunt”

The Anchor

“Winner of WPRI's 2012 Big Break Contest”

FOX Providence

"They thrive on bouncy jams and an unabashed ham factor...The catchy singles "Glue" and "Life Shark" have not left my head.

Chris Conti - Providence Phoenix

“Lover's Trance is a brilliant showcase of Last One Out's musical talent, songwriting ability, and poetic prowess that leaves the listener wondering just how exactly they haven't completely blown up the music scene yet.”