Last Heroine Fight / Press

“Just heard "When hope isn't enough"...FUCKING AWESOME. You guys rule. ”

“ "My Mess" is a little more than a song isnt it.It has its own life.”

Auriemma - Reverbnation

“Like the acoustic feel of "Wreck My Veins".”

The Skunnered - Reverbnation

“Digging your music! "Me On The Floor" rocks!!! - OD”

Otto's Daughter - Reverbnation

“ "Me On The Floor" "When Hope Isn't Enough" keep rockin fellas!!”

The Fores - Reverbnation

“HUGE WOW!!! ME ON THE FLOOR * yup...knocked off the chair with your awesomeness! cheers * Patricia”

Ecologyngle - Reverbnation

“Wow!! Lovin' your rockin' sound! "When Hope Isn't Enough" is a great track!!! Really catchy, powerful with wonderful vocals!!!Fantastic!!!Big Love and Best Wishes Always!!! ”

DestinationDawn - Reverbnation

“Lots of good elements - harmonies, gutsy guitar work. A healthy sound requires sound health: keep writing, gents. ”

Redeen - Reverbnation