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“COUNTRY GOSPEL SINGER RELEASES MOVING NEW ALBUM March 22, 2016 GALLOWAY, Ohio – This week, independent record label Tate Music Group is excited to announce the official release of Larry Wilson’s new album titled “Waitin’ on a Train.” Released by Tate Music Group, the album contains 8 tracks and is readily available for purchase nationwide at the iTunes Store, Amazon.com, or directly from TateMusicGroup.com. Larry Wilson is a seasoned country gospel singer from Galloway whose passion is performing for the love of gospel and music. With soothing vocals and lyrics that come from the heart, his music is moving and spiritually invigorating. In his new album “Waitin’ on a Train”Wilson brings a breath of fresh air to the gospel music world with his unique style of delivery and a passion that makes him shine. This album will uplift listeners and accompany them on their journey of faith. Songs featured in the album include “A Love So True,” and “You Held My Hand and "Wait”

Tate Music Group - TMG Press

“We have been listening to Larry Wilson and GCB for many, many years now and in the last 5 years we have gotten to know Larry Wilson very well and we really feel that he has brought a breath of fresh air into the Gospel world...His songs are written from the Heart, unto God and to the people. Larry loves God and really cares about the people who listen to him. We have listened to a lot of his new songs and they are a blessing and so articulate, we are blessed every time we hear him. Once in a while in your life time you run across someone that is very special and very called of God and we feel that Larry Wilson is just that. May God richly bless him and his band in the new project coming up, he just keeps getting better and better (if possible) we are so blessed to have him as our bro. in Christ and also friend. We would recommend Larry Wilson and GCB for any concert or Church that wants to be entertained by the Gospel in Song, or just want to be Blessed !”

Vicky Jarrell - Calvary Road Community Church

“I listened to this CD, I loved it. There was not a bad song on it. I am planning to buy some for Christmas gifts. Deep music and meaningful, found myself singing along. Toe Tapping and uplifting.”

“I have worked in Nashville studios for 20+ years and understand what an artist needs to make it in the business . Larry Wilson and God's Country Band is one of those groups with the attributes and talent that are needed . The pure "country gospel" vocal of lead singer Larry Wilson has the quality and sincerity any venue looks for when booking an artist to their event . His unique style of delivering the song and touching the heart of the listener is an Art he has perfected ! Prepare for an evening of "Great Country Gospel Music" ! ”

Bud McNicols,President , Class 1 Record Co. - CLASS 1 Record Company

““Our songs, although they are songs of faith, are songs about life. I write from an approach that will speak to any audience, regardless of a person’s spiritual status,” said Wilson. “Our music will touch, encourage and inspire all of our listeners for this journey we must all take together, called life.” For information on Larry Wilson and God’s Country Band visit, www.larrywilson.tmgartist.com.”

“Larry uses the traditional country sound to convey God's Endless Love for us and His incredible capacity for forgiveness . Wilson composed as well as performed each track and not once did he stray from the grassroots sound that characterizes real country music ! The first two songs set an upbeat tone to the album , with "The Least of These" being possibly the best of the whole set. Wilson is at his soulful best with "How To Climb That Mountain", a tune about asking God for guidance in tough times. Songs range from the heartfelt "Lord I Believe " to the tongue-in-cheek "A Long Two Weeks". To round out this collection , there is the added treat of two Johnny Cash tribute songs, "I Hear That Train A'comin" and "White Robe", the latter being a very touching and fitting view of The Man In Black .Throughout this album, Larry Wilson testifies to the life changing power of Jesus and does it with passion , proving that there is grace in that true Nashville country sound .”

Ronald Otto , Program Director - Radio Review - WCYC, London, Ohio

“Larry Wilson & GCB charts at # 20 in the most played inspirational song category ; for their first ever released song "A Rag and A Rock" ! To listen check out the myspace player on link provided . ...http://www.myspace.com/music/player?sid=47587351&ac=now”

“If you enjoy country music you will love this serving of "Country Gospel"! Songs that uplift ,encourage and illustrate God's undying love and unlimited Grace through the power of music ! Great music with an awesome message ! This album takes Country Gospel to a whole new level...ENJOY !!! ”

“Larry Wilson is a country gospel vocalist and guitarist with music that is powerful, thoughtful, energetic and inspirational. Larry's goal is to create honest, soulful, down-to-earth music that is soul-reaching and Christ-centered.”