Larry Turner / Press

“Great originals - love the lyrics!!”

"Loving your originals, Larry! Keep 'em coming!!"

"...just taking in some of your songs...You are a very talented artist, my friend. Keep up the good work..."

"...Originality! Sounds that come straight from your soul..."

“For those seeking tuneful yet rocking music with some meaningful lyrics, Larry Turner's original song offerings are a refreshing change from the "chant-like" monotony of much contemporary pop music...”

"...really enjoying your music. " A Demon in That Lady" is a terrific song of yours..."

“Larry Turner, a local Philadelphia based musician and songwriter now has 3 original songs posted on the musician's site www.ReverbNation.com. This site offers original music from artists worldwide along with fan tracking tools, an online store and digital media broadcasting services. You can hear Larry's songs at: www.ReverbNation.com/larryturner”