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“'' 7 - 2 - 16 ''' Recorded Song '' Streetwalkers Shittalkers Vasline written by Larry Shuffle , Produce by Peter Wolf - Larry Shuffle - Peter Wolf Wolfsound audio Engineering - '' Bass '' and Vocals Jon Crossen - Drums Peter Wolf - Slide Guitar - Vocals Larry Shuffle MONEY DIAMONDS LIMOUSINES - I would like to thank Peter Wolf - Jon Crossen - Matt Molten for all there help”


“'' Hell on Fire '' - Recorded at Peter Wolf '' Studio '' Produce by Peter Wolf - Larry Shuffle - playing Bass and vocals, Jon Crossen on Drums Peter Wolf - Larry Shuffle Slide Guitar - Vocals - I would like to thank Jon Crossen - Peter Wolf - for all there help - , Larry Shuffle , on Slide Guitar and vocals - Song written by Larry Shuffle - MONEY DIAMONDS LIMOUSINES”

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“,'' Guitar strings in the moon light ''== wind moving Bushs trees , Fear walking with you, Darkness dancing in the night draging my soul behind me stars shinging above , my Harmonica pointing me the way .- Blues highway Let him find me in the night by my guitar strings shining in the moon light. stars in the sky falling down on me. a man walks up says come with me Blues highway Riding through the night wild Bill at the wheel Darkness carries the car down the Road . If Music is your life your House is the Road - Blues Highway - written by MONEY DIAMONDS LIMOUSINES”


“[[[[[[ Holland Summer Coming ]]]]]] The 90ed's slipped away from me woman your shaped like a pear Better to eat I'm just a Drink of love too you ,you taste me on your Tounge women you Tell me 0 yea were all stars. There no sky when i fall throught your arms women your eyes look over me i circle you like the sun I'll give you my heart when i Die haters hate they forget about Love what you do is not all in your Head , you see your Day as Tomorrow leaves you Behind . Author MONEY DIAMONDS LIMOUSINES LARRY SHUFFLE”


“Press Item - copy rights - S - Pome Written by - LARRY SHUFFLE - Publication Nothing But Money - '' Angles In There Graden '' - In a graden where the sunshines Hides in the Shadows , She's standing in the light with flowers in her hair . Wishes - Dreams - Floating every where - Sunshine - Shadows - Wishes - Dreams - your the sunlight standing there. Angles in the shadows of light , Dancing in her garden - Wishes -Dreams - Flowers - sunlight shines on her . Love is what you feel . In a garden where the sunshines Hides in the shadows - Wishes - Dreams - Float every where . LARRY SHUFFLE - MONEY DIAMONDS LIMOUSINES”

LARRY SHUFFLE - Nothing But Money