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“September, 2016 - "Larry's concert was fabulous. He is an amazing storyteller, balladeer, singer-songwriter, guitarist. He "stole our hearts." Just an absolutely great performance. Thank you, Larry" (J. Eichenbaum)”

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“Last night the White Springs Folk Club featured Larry Mangum, Charley Simmons and John R. Butler. The performance exceeded expectations, which were high already, because Larry Mangum’s Songwriters Circles always delight the audience. Larry, a huge talent in his own right, is a selfless individual. Larry’s song writing skills and his God-given warm and mellow voice, along with his friendly “I’ve know this guy all my life” stage presence and his high performance skills, have given him the spotlight and longevity that eludes many “folk singers”. With all his talent, he would certainly be entitled to an artistic ego, and as a solo performer Larry can carry the audience and the show to a very special musical place. But Larry is different! He concentrates more on promoting the art of folk music and the other artists more than he does on promoting himself, thus his fondness for the songwriters circle format, and thus our magnified fondness for Larry Mangum. Simply the best”

Walter Mckenzie - White Springs Folk Club

“Pete Gallagher (WMNF, Tampa, FL, May 2014, Face book! Larry Mangum, in both of his lives, as a country western swing band leader and as a Florida Folk singer/songwriter is a tremendous performer and entertainer. For my money he, Frank Thomas, Raiford Starke and Sam Pacetti have the four best shows in Florida Folk, They are the Will, Gamble, Frank, Bobby and Don of yesteryear. Please hire them for your event and pay them big money, for they are worth it!!”

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“Florida Entertainer of the Year (Male) Larry Mangum’s CD “Older Than Dirt” is the latest recording by one of Florida’s master musicians and songwriters. For over four decades Larry has made his mark not only in Florida but nationally and internationally as well. He has played and recorded in the musical halls of Nashville and this year Larry went on a tour in several European countries, a natural ambassador to American folk music! His new CD "Older Than Dirt" features several fine romantic songs, including “Joined At The Heart,” “The Soldier and the Senorita,” and “They’re Gonna Fall In Love.” He also includes two tributes to fallen folk legends in “I Saw Gamble In A Dream,” and “Townes Last Song.” Larry's fans love his comedy songs and here he does not disappoint. Certainly “Older Than Dirt,” and “What A Woman Wants,” are two of his best. Larry is blessed with good production on this CD and the musicianship is top rate. Highly recommended! ”

Ron Johnson - Florida Times Union

“It’s usually a good sign when you find yourself humming pieces of lyrics and bits of tunes to a recent listen. This is definitely true of north Florida folksinger Larry Mangum’s latest release, Older Than Dirt. Don’t let the album’s title track fool you. This is no Ray Stevens style novelty record, but is full of insightful songwriting as well as wizened humor. There are bluegrass/folk ballads of forbidden love (Piney Woods, Joined at the Heart), a western ballad (Justiceville) and a swing time serenade honoring Florida’s folk hero, Gamble Rogers (I Saw Gamble in a Dream.) Though the title of the record is comical, it also rings true in other ways. Mangum does not pretend to be a youngster or a newcomer on the scene. His more personal lyrics indicate life’s lessons learned (Satisfied, The American Dream.) And his expert use of the weapons in a folksinger’s arsenal (fiddles, accordion, flat-picking guitars, dobros and even bowed bass) proves he has been on the ro”

“Via Lonnie Portwood: "Happy 2012 to you and all the family. Thanks for sending those U Tube clips (Larry Mangum & The Cowboy Orchestra). You guys sound GREAT. I mean that. Larry Mangum is a super good vocalist. Your friend and fan, Bobby Koefer (Bob wills Texas Playboys) ”

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“'Larry, you did a spectacular job for the White Springs Folk Club last Saturday! The full house that showed up for your Songwriters Circle with Mindy Simmons and Terry Campbell were treated to a very special evening. Many Thanks!!!"”

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“If Nashville still made country music, not over-produced tripe, the songs of Jacksonville singer/songwriter Larry Mangum would sound more familiar. Mangum knows the evolution of country music better than most, and on his eighth album, "Brand New Honkytonk"; he offers a virtual history of classic country, embracing the sound that gave country music soul. Mangum says the death of traditional country music began with the arrival of Garth Brooks in the late 80's. " In defense of the old style, "Brand New Honkytonk" opens with "We Won't Make It", which could have been a hit in 1958, travels into the mid-80's with songs like "Category V" and he brings back the love triangle theme, prison and trucks with tales of infidelity, being poor and hating your job. Mangum says he sometimes wishes he had made it big in Nashville-but he's content playing his music in Florida. "I feel like Nashville will always be important to me", Mangum says, "but I will not be important to Nashville". ”

Taylor Bright (Edited for length) - Folio Weekly-Jacksonville, FL

“Jim Carrick December 22, 2010 Hey Man, I finally found the right time to sit down and listen to your CD. I ended up with four or five times through. Good album Larry. Songs are great, production very nice and clean. I love John Henry Gates. I think it is your best work yet. I am so happy that you found a song in that old capo. However, my dog is 15 years old and doesn't look so good, Ol' Joe was a little rough on me. keep pickin'.......Jim”

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“Overall, this CD (THE DAYS OF OUR LIVES) is a must-have homespun collection of Larry’s best work to date. It took me back to a time that I had almost forgotten about, but have fond memories of working on my Dad’s relative’s farm. And, I remember eating fried apples and grits in the morning. It’s the simple joys that you always remember as you get old. Listening to “The Days of Our Lives” is like a sip of mint-julep in the shade of a hot summer day, back in a time to which we can always return in our minds. Finally someone has made an American roots recording that sounds like it was recorded years ago, but with the advantage of modern recording techniques at the Glow Studios in Athens, GA., where the album was recorded. It was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jesse Mangum. ”

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““For a guy who writes quite a bit, including a weekly column in a newspaper, I find myself at a loss for words, at least for adequate ones.  Last night was ...insert words here...Spectacular, Extraordinary, Fantastic, Singularly Unique, an evening that will be long remembered by aficionados of folk music, Americana sung and played the way it is "supposed to be".  And I could go on and on but still, the words are inadequate. You had to be there.  Suffice it to say that I've been to more than a few gigs in the past 68 years and last night was as pure and sweet as an evening of music can be.    Larry, wanna trade voices? Sir, you could sing the phone book and it would sound so good!  When you add your music, songwriting, the powers of observation, the timeless yet topical subject matter and that pure, southern comfort voice together....Wow!  And when you come to town, you bring the most amazing talent with you. May the circle be unbroken! ”