Larry g(EE) / Press

"There is no place quite like Texas and hearing rising talent Larry g(EE), we are starting to believe there is nothing quite like the talent in Texas either."

"Think Bruno Mars but more classy and way more authentic, Larry serves up a cool slice of fresh and modern soul and blues."

"I like how Larry gives a little modern twist to the soul, Motown sound instead of recreating it."

"His voice, the band, the vibe, it just feels like something out of an 80′s movie."

"What he has uniquely done with music makes him hard to compare to other current artists, because his talent helps him positively stand away from the crowd."

"I don't care if you ignore everything else that comes out of my mouth today, stop what you're doing and give this a spin!"

"...a retro-soul barn burner of a track entitled Yo Mama that is totally made to be played at high volumes."

"The track should be played at high volumes, and preferably with wide open spaces to get funky like a fool."

"...It's like wearing a high-end designer suit to the grimiest nightclub you can find."

"...clearly, his voice is suited well by the horns..."