Lara Ewen / Press

“[Ghosts and Gasoline] is the kind of album which sticks with you long-term, leaving an emotional imprint in the same league with your first kiss, your first road trip and your first heartbreak.”

“Ghosts and Gasoline is exemplary for what is essentially a first full-length album, merging classic country and blues with a new attitude as appealing as it is satisfying.”

“This girl from Queens has been described as Emmylou Harris singing Neil Young songs. To me, it sounds like a formula of perfect folk and country rock.”

"I'll have to admit, I think Lara Ewen is very good looking, based on her photographs."

“A cartographer of the American musical landscape.”

“Haunting lyrics and effortless-sounding acoustic work.”

“Where many female singer-songwriters tend to bore with ultra syrupy vocals and shoegazer riffs, Ewen has a sweet voice that also boasts a great deal of backbone and vigor (think Emmylou Harris meets Ani Difranco).”