Laney Meredith / Press

“Fourteen year old writer Laney Meredith (http://www.laneymeredith.com/) has signed a single song agreement deal with The Royalty Network, Inc. Laney co-wrote the song “Whatever This Is” with RoyNet writer Trey Bruce. “Whatever This Is” will be released as a single in Holland by Antje Monteiro and will also be used as the main song for a Dutch TV show called ‘Gipsy Girls’.”

“KQCX: New Adds this week.. 13 Year Old Independent Country Artist Laney Meredith graces our High Rotation with her new track called Whatever This Is.. Laney is an amazing singer at 13.. Tune in and give this track a listen..”

“12 year old Laney Meredith wins the beginer division at Kentucky Opry!”