Landon Michael / Press

“What a rockin' fun song! Somebody's gonna set the world on fire with this big hit and it - Might As Well Be Landon Michael.”

“Landon Michael is proof that radio listeners still know good music when they hear it. We tested it and phones were very much in favor of hearing more. A classic example of how radio can still turn listeners on to good music...if we give it to them to hear in the first place.”

Ken Dillon - KDKD-FM 95.3 - Clinton, MO

“'Might As Well Be Me' is Landon Michael's best yet. Immediate listener reaction on the phones. This Missouri boy is going to 'show you' with this one.”

"'This Ain't California' is real country and just what our format needs right now. Landon Michael really delivers!"

Don Wilson - WYVY - Union City, TN

"'This Ain't California' is a great spring/summer tune that'll quickly light up your phones. I see nothing but a bright future for Landon Michael after this one, and having just returned from a west coast trip myself, I can vouch for the lyric, 'This Ain't California!'"

Kip Jervis - WEZJ-FM - Williamsburg, KY

"Sometimes when a song finds an artist, it's immediately apparent that the two were meant for each other. That is exactly the case with Landon Michael's 'This Ain't California.' His smooth vocals mixed with both the purity in which he sings and the truth of the lyrics, resound in the heart and mind of the listener. The song's captivating melody rests lightly on the soul and leaves with a haunting sense of peace."

Chandra Hunter - KVAY-Lamar, CO