Landmines / Press

“he record is to buy and one for me with the best that I've heard this year. Honestly! The 5 guys from Richmond to provide an almost ideal mix of punk and hardcore.”

“If you’re into Illusion of Saftey era Thrice, Rise Against, Ignite, Comeback Kid, Last of the Believers, and Ill Patriot, then you’ll love this. Quality Hardcore Punk.”

“Fans of the melodic hardcore genre should know about what to expect and will get the expected, plus a few musical bonuses. Landmines show a huge amount of promise and while they may not be rewriting the book, they certainly have a fantastic reading voice.”

“Landmines are the sort of band (and this is the sort of record) that will make you want to pump your fist in the air and shout "woah oh" at the top of your lungs.”

“It's too easy to call Landmines explosive, but at the very least, it's a scorching blast from a band who sound like they're just getting started.”

james hepplewhite - pastepunk.com

"This is good punk rock." "they feature fast-paced drums, guitars, and vocals that blast right through the 13 minutes this album takes to listen to. It's one of those albums that you would put on just to get hyped up before a show, to go skating or biking, or just get crazy.