Lance Gallup / Press

“I really enjoy your music and that voice is to die for. Wait for you Forever is a terrific song.”

A Reverbnation fan

“Great presentation of your songs. Songs that actually say something. Pretty rare these days.”

RN listener

“Hey Lance, The song Lea is beautiful great work..”

DP - RN listener

“I have to say the pleasure was all ours. When you sing, you exude such an atmosphere of tranquility, whether it's your own tunes (u have some really good ones there!) or Fogelberg or Arlo. I've been really strung out the past couple weeks, running on overload. Your music was just I needed to calm my spirit. The peace is still with me.”

comment from a recent house concert

“Lance, you made me cry on my iPad, really. I am sorry but it is true. Your words broke my heart. It was like you were here singing, I love recordings like that. You have this really romantic quality to your music add your words and sell my clothes, I'm going to heaven. I just loved, wish I could be more eloquent but that just says it all.”

Elizabeth S. - Facebook Listener

“Lance, you... this song takes my breath away. What a beautiful song and you play it and sing it just gorgeous!!! Every note and word has such heart. I think it should be in a movie. I love it.”

DIanne S. - ReverbNation listener

“hi...so...I went to your web site and had a listen to a couple of your songs..."dreams of someday" made me cry...still crying...thank you for sharing such beautiful words and music...”

Julie S, NH, USA

“I think your new song, Dreams of Someday, is beautiful. I totally love it. You are a fine artist who writes from the heart about the heavier things in life, and you do it so well. Awesome, absolutely awesome.”

Sarah C - New Zealand

“Your music truly is beautiful.”

DT - a listener

“Lance, brother I am crushed, bowled over, stupefied by the power, beauty and heart of your music.”

Dan P - Facebook listener

“there are those whose songs reach out and touch my heart on a deeper level and that is what keeps listening to them - it starts out as a love for the song (the words mostly) and develops into a love for the voice...to be honest, that is what happened with your music..”

Timi W., Gainesville TX

“he plays his guitar and sings his songs like he is talking to his closest friend.”

fan review - MySpace

“A fine artist with a beautiful voice and great style, and an incredibly talented writer as well.”

Terry Ferdinand, the Folk Show - BishopFM, South West Durham, UK

“Friday night was great! Thank you for your last minute adjustment to being under the lights for the entire program. I'm so GLAD you were there.”

Matt K

"Lance, I love this lyric. You have a great gift for metaphor, visual imagery and adventurous wordplay."

- John Braheny, "The Craft and Business of Songwriting"

"Lance and AJ were both just righteous."

Gerry T, Teapot Gallery, Westfield MA

"Lance Gallup is most definitely a house favorite at Dottie's - quite honestly, he's perfect for my audience."

Jessica Rufo, Dottie's Coffee Lounge, Pittsfield MA

"...one of Berkshire County's most enjoyed and welcomed musicians. Much appreciated."

Sean Taylor, Freight Yard Pub, N Adams, MA

"Lance Gallup provided compelling music played and sung so beautifully, we did not want to leave."

Berkshire Eagle

"i seriously wanted to get up and dance to Rescue Me. soo fun man!!! love it."

Emily G, Internet listener

"Thank you for the performance last night at the coffeehouse - you were awesome. Everyone loved you. It was much appreciated and we would love to have you perform again in the very near future."

Vicky B, Westfield ACC Coffeehouse, Westfield MA