Lamping Vice Hybrids / Press

“Who: Not much has been discovered yet about the producer LVH (an acronym for Lamping Vice Hybrids), but if tracks like the haunting and hot "There She Goes" and the reverb-heavy "Dharma's Chorus" are any indication, the Brooklyn-based beatmaker has a knack for creating a creepy, cool ambient sound that some may consider a combination of trap and chillwave. The Song: Steffaloo's light vocals are distorted and stretched into a sort of echo chamber as "Separate Ways" progresses; and the drums shift from a subtle knock to a popping snare, pushing the track's oscillating synth back and forth. Current Project: Keep updated with the mysterious producer by checking out his Facebook page.”

“Brooklyn based mysterious producer LVH has shared earlier today a smoke alluring fantasia featuring the vocal contribution of Steffaloo. Separate Ways is a dreamy electronic landscape with pop sensitivities which carries its post rn’b elements through out the whole ride, while the journey begins from the four walls of an opened air room! Chilling laid back pop to start your day off.”

“LVH is for Lamping Vice Hybrids. The New York based producer(s) draw(s) an open minded line between bass indulging sounds and ambience atmosphere in their screwed rn’b canvas. There She Goes is the perfect introduction to the haunted, fade out groovy rhythm of the midnight starred night with the spaces between the samples and the beats tilling the thrilling ambience deep inside your bones! Stream it below and click here to listen two more blackened bouncy tunes from LVH”