“Lamperjaw rides big riffs and deep grooves like Clutch.”

“OH HELL YEAH... blend of Southern Metal tinged with slabs of Sludge, Stoner and Doom Metal should get your heart-beat pumping as it's packed full of great riffs... groovy as hell licks and awesome vocals to match... passion and raw anger coming at you from every direction. Some intense guitar solos... “Menace of a Cruel Earth” is a song DOWN would be proud to call their own... they have the potential to go a long way indeed. Southern Metal with a dark, dangerous and addictive edge. Awesome stuff.”

"drunken-stomping the line between sludge and Southern heavy… their real potential comes out on the seven-minute “Menace of a Cruel Earth,” which moves from low-in-the-mouth whoa-yeah-style grit across a successful linear build to a harmonized, well-arranged apex."

"…it’s Southern sludge metal at just about its best… it definitely deserves to be heard…"