La Madness / Press

“The idea that a little debauchery won’t kill you may have gotten lost somewhere in the mid 90’s. Fortunately La Madness brings it back to the table.”


“... if Nirvana and Buckcherry had an illegitimate child.”

“Exactly what the major labels are missing!”

Spankey - 93X

"Top Ten Must See Music Video" (Got Me Wrong- music video)

“The songwriting has soul--lead singer Kurt Vatland didn't just write the lyrics, he LIVED these lyrics and you can feel that as his powerful voice brings each song to life.”

Megan Kennedy - Post Bulletin/KROC FM

“Minnesota Homegrown Band of the Month of July 2013”

"With a SoCal theme from La Madness, Chances Are takes you on a trip through some rough places, but it’s an awesome display of power."

"La Madness is on the verge of blowing up."

“Chances Are-Amazing! Great rock album just in time for summer Mpls' finest rock group today.”

"... plays in the key of Buckcherry with some sprinkles of The Doors, Blind Melon, and maybe even the Melvins."

"...it was one of those sets you wished would never end. They got the crowd all worked up and then their short set was done. I definitely look forward to their return to Denver."

“The music of La Madness fuses blues/rock with grunge along with some of the polished, West Coast sound that Kurt found during his time in Southern California. The elements are tied together by Kurt’s never-say-die spirit ..”

"Kurt, the lead singer and guitarist, is everything you could imagine a "rock star" to be — great voice, smooth and charismatic, curses like a sailor, and full of crazy stories that could only happen to a musician and can't be printed in the paper."

"La Madness is a breath of fresh air to the Minneapolis music scene. They draw you in with thought provoking lyrics, crisp melodies and invade your ears with a sound that wont be easy to leave. Do yourself a favor, check out La Madness."

"The manifestation of Rock the Catwalk pretty neatly encapsulates Vatland’s gritty yet flashy persona."

"Their songs have a Southern California flavor and brought the Sunset Strip to Denver, if only for a short time."

"Having left the southern California music scene, Kurt Vatland’s latest project, ‘La Madness’, has arrived in Minneapolis."

"La Madness has acheived a huge fan following ... The lyrics will get stuck in your head."

Tim Ryan (On Air Personality) - Rockn 101 FM

“Lead singer/guitarist Kurt Vatland has a knack for timeless song writing...”

"...La Madness is quickly making a name for itself..."