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Lalo Pazzi/Roger Bruderlin / Press

“Epac is cool and trippy! Love your style.”

Jamie Karris - Jamie Karris

“Wonderful string play, and intriguing soundscapes. Definitely a joy listening, Beautiful.”

breath of woods about Lalo Pazzi

“love the lead melody in the intro on indian summer cool”


“Epac is spacy and ethereal... intriguing sounds... :-)”

Dan Kellington about Lalo Pazzi.

“Really cool creative songs....Epac is our favorite”

The Sketchballs about Lalo Pazzi

“like your approach. lots of spontaneous emotion and unreproducible ideas wrapped in a raw but beautiful package.”

Tan Bandanna Man Band about Lalo Pazzi

“I like your approach. It's like sculpting a beautiful masterpiece with sound.”

Symmetry about Lalo Pazzi

“Listening to Swaygrow. Haunting... sounds like East Indian music to me. :-)”

Dan Kellington about Lalo Pazzi

“So glad you bought that guitar in Spain! Original and tasty snippets of your creations are a real treat to listen to. Best wishes and thanks, so I could discover your excellent music!”

Jim Hoffmann about Lalo Pazzi

“Inventive and compelling music.A lot of these tracks have a great air of dark mystery and groove to them.Spellbinding to listen to,with guitar work and tones reminiscent of Nicky Skopelitis in places.Excellent work.”

Wendymoonshine about Lalo Pazzi

“Powerful, haunting, and beautiful. Very nice. You have a new fan in Florida.”

My Uncle's Friends about Lalo Pazzi

“So Calm is a great song, original and unique music composition!”

dED and BURYd about Lalo Pazzi

“Liked what you did with "Baie Verte NB" Been a while since I was there, but your music sounds like I remembered it.”

Will Of Wilminton about Lalo Pazzi

“Great originality in the sound! Impressive number of song.. Your profile pic is so funny ;)”

Mia Lotus - Mia Lotus about Lalo Pazzi

“OMG man! This is brilliant stuff! Currently enjoying Schmozzle...”

Jarrod Neufeld - Jarrod Neufeld

“Love your originality and questioning musical spirit. Great stuff here. Very much enjoyed listening.”

Michael Frazier - Michael Frazier

“I love Swaygrow, it carries the energy of a seed sprouting and it's extensions into the surrounding soil, breaking dawn at the opening into the sky! Wonderful project!!”

September on the Moon - September on the Moon

“Fantastic music. Its different. You have a fertile imagination and that wee thing on your head seems to agree ;)”

Steve Inglis - Steve Inglis about Lalo Pazzi

“Great mix of classical string musicianship with a fresh electric vibe. Your sound is haunting and fresh.”


“Baie Verte NB CA ... complex and multi layered. A super interesting song. Beautiful, 'weird' and haunting.”

kappi - kloudworks

“imaginative and creative sonic textures you conjure up here..particularly like the twist and sparkle of "swaygrow..excellent work my friend!”

MikeWhitePresents - MikeWhitePresents about Lalo Pazzi

“I am listening to your midi guitar, minimalist fashioned recordings and loving your innovative sounds and experimental, abstract style!”

Rose Lisa - Rose Lisa about Lalo Pazzi

“Absolutely outstanding … original, sensitive and thought provoking tracks... looking forward to hearing more”

NewTribeZ Radio - NewTribeZ Radio about Lalo Pazzi

“'Indian Summer' interesting varied arrangement which kept me intrigued.”

The DoPe Brothers - The DoPe Brothers about Lalo Pazzi

“Really enjoying Indian Summer... melodic and quite dramatic.”

Purple Behaviour - Purple Behaviour about Lalo Pazzi

“Some serious alien soundscapes going on here.”

Meander Lane - Meander Lane about Lalo Pazzi

“Tunes that are captivating, with skillful guitar work. "Swept" is sweeping me away tonight. Love your bio!”

TIW Music - TIW Music about Lalo Pazzi

“Cool! Love your approach explained in your bio, and yeah, that's real creativity!”

Together Alone - Together Alone about Lalo Pazzi

“I love your guitar style! Nice Asian/Arabic scales going on there!”

Jackn Bones (CHILD OF LIGHT) - Jackn Bones about Lalo Pazzi

"Indian Summer" , artistic creation....GREATT !!!

3r3lla - 3r3lla about Lalo Pazzi

“Indian Summer is badass tune man...feeling the instrumentals here...”

Blackkiss - Blackkiss about Lalo Pazzi

“Yes, we are all fortunate that you were allowed to abuse that guitar without proper supervision! Beautiful, Lalo!”


“Very good harmonics and spezial sound great i love your music”

Andreas Jochim - Andreas Jochim about Lalo Pazzi

“Great mix of classical string musicianship with a fresh electric vibe. Your sound is haunting and fresh — it takes me to a wonderful place. Thank you for sharing, and keep up the great work!”

Shazdar - Shazdar about Lalo Pazzi

"Seems I've gone through the whole routine twice...your playlist is hypnotising... great work Lalo ! "

Harry V, Songwriter - Harry V about Lalo Pazzi

“I am listening to your midi guitar, minimalist fashioned recordings and loving your innovative sounds and experimental, abstract style!”

Rose Lisa - Rose Lisa about Lalo Pazzi

“Tremendous talent here! Enjoyed your tracks and musical creativity! Terrific guitar skill! Slam Horse”

Slam Horse - Slam Horse about Lalo Pazzi

“Y.G Your music has a mysterious element, and totally different from the usual, you are a very unique individual.”

Y.G. - Y.G. About Lalo Pazzi

“Lalo Pazzi, Midi Guitar instrumentalist just invented Swaygro Music. Stuck in northern Canada (no roads), with nothing better to do. This album was created using only two items; one beaten up camping guitar and an iPad 2. Every instrumental melody is played only once. Recording 2 or 3 guitars for a track takes about 7 minutes. Editing all done using Garageband internal drums, basses, synths, loops and effects.”

Lalo Pazzi - Swaygrow

“Lucky for me I got a guitar in Spain and abused it without any supervision. Later I had lots of guitars, but no time to play. Stuff steals your time. Now I play a parlor camping guitar made in a furniture factory in Quebec. I record in a minimalistic fashion. Play once, never look back. Never practise, it makes you stale. Never play anything twice.”

Lalo Pazzi - Swaygrow

“The Taoist sage Laozi: The more prohibitions there are, the poorer the people become.”

Lalo Pazzi - land of the free

“This is a collection of music composed over the last 15 years, and like most things in life, it comes without instructions”

Lalo Pazzi - Musical Mine Field

“Creativity Happens "in the heat of the Action", not musing in a comfortable perch”

Lalo Pazzi - Swaygrow

“It is counterproductive to dwell on Risk. As a musician, you have to decide early, not to be a bean counter, otherwise you will be making predictable music.”

Lalo Pazzi - Predictable Music