Lake Lady and the Mountain Man / Press

"'Rainbow' begins simply enough, rumbling along like a familiar dirt road, before growing a garden of ornamentations in its choruses. This is a song that you should let inside you; let it flow through your arms and legs and core and feel good. 'Keep On Keepin' On' takes the soul of a Southern Revival tent and plays it in a cathedral, as the reverb on Charise Sowells' voice and the guitars soar and expand, like a gas, to fill their container. Following the title, the drums pulse with tidal consistency. 'Nothing's Easy' awakens like a morning in Wonderland, before floating into a chorus that is equal parts haunting and soothing. Chords and snares charge into a post-chorus; the effect is, paradoxically, of intense serenity. If I call this pop, it's some of the most layered, proggy, powerful-yet-lullaby-like pop I've heard."

Ian Kernohan - WCWS Radio Station

“Honorable Mention in the Open Submission Portion of The Deli Magazine's Year End Poll, 2013”