Laerlooper / Press

“Expecting Certain Results from Social Media as an Independent Musician”

“Capital Area rock band 7th Squeeze teams up with Troy's own DJ-producer Laerlooper at the River Street Pub in Troy on Feb 23 for a unique merging of rock-and-roll and live electronic dance music.”

“Like something out of the Twilight Zone, hundreds of happy people danced in the street as unexpecting passers-by looked on in astonishment. Silence is all that could be heard, yet the mob of people partying on the other side of the orange mesh fencing might as well have been at the most popular club in L.A. or New York.”

“New Marketing Methods for Indie Musicians - a Personal Account How I Built a Personal Brand for Myself and a Revenue Stream Using My Own Content and Today's Free Online Tools”

“Check out 51BassCamp starting Aug 26 -- more DJs and performers to be announced. Get the details within the story!!”